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10/30/2016     Overdrive Race & Relay Update
Location: Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada
The second annual Overdrive Race & Relay Series, a running and riding race day held at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (previously known as Mosport) in Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada (east of Toronto). This event will feature a set of off- and on-road rides and runs on and around the track - single event and duathlon style.
This road circuit has hosted every professional driving series - Formula 1, Nascar Trucks, Indy Cars, IMSA and a host of other incredible racing events. Some of the world’s most famous race car drivers have raced this circuit since 1961. Gilles Villeneuve, Jacques Villeneuve, Ron Fellows, Bill Brack, Paul Tracy, Alex Tagliani, Horst Kroll, Scott Goodyear and Moe Carter.
This year, a new race has been added to the program - a recumbent road race on the track, the Low Rider 50! It will be first, at 8am and run for 50 minutes - as many laps as you can get in. The course is challenging with a rolling terrain and the recumbent race will be timed just like the others. There will be things happening throughout the day, riders get lunch, there will be music, booths etc.
This race is open to any and all recumbents - bikes, trikes, handcycles, velomobiles, all are welcome. Registration is now open and the current entry fee is available until April when the price goes up.
Check out the website for more information and a link to the registration site here:
1/21/2017 to 1/21/2017     HPRA - MHPVA Winter Party Update
Location: Gordon's House 116 S. Detroit St. Buchanan MI 49107



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