Kenosha 2006 HPRA HPV and recumbent bike racing pictures
Kenosha 2006 HPRA HPV Racing pictures
Races held Sunday July 9th at the Kenosha, WI velodrome. Thanks to race director Dan Glatch and the volunteers for making this event a success. 
Pictures by staff photographers Chris Cortex, Dan Glatch, and Mike Mowett. Verbiage by senior editor Warren Beauchamp.
The HPRA In-Tent-City moves to the infield of the Kenosha velodrome for the races on Sunday!
First races of the day are the 1 kilometer flying sprints. Here, Len starts Warren.
Warren sprints for the finish line on the NoCom lowracer.
Jeff Hunn sprints around the corner on the Ti-Cuda lowracer.
Barb Pendergast sprints by on a very laid back Gritters lowracer.
Mountain biker Dennis Grelk does his 1 K sprint on another Gritters lowracer.

Interestingly, Barb who is about 5 feet tall fits on the same bike as Dennis, who is well over 6 feet tall. 

Wendy "ManEater" Toy sprints around the corner on her Brick lowracer.
Sean Costin and Jeff Hunn warm up before their 200m sprints, on the inner track.
Sean "factory racer" Costin uncorks another winning 1 K TT with a time of 1:10.10 on the Challenge NME lowracer.
A happy Dora Cortez runs her 1K TT on her Lightning SWB. 
Dave "that's not a fairing, that's my windshield" Balfour runs his 1K TT in his Gritters chassis-ed Coro-Liner.
Chris "Grasshopper" Cortez nukes the pedals during his 1K TT.
The second event was Harry's Bling Fling, where participating racers all raced a 1K TT on the same Bacchetta bike. Fastest time wins $200 cash money from Wheel and Sprocket.

Here Dennis lays down a fast run.

Next Sean Costin pumped the bike up to speed for what looked like it would be the fastest time.

That was not to be the case as Rick Gritters (pictured here) beat Sean by 0.22 seconds.

Next, Warren races by, astounding everyone by...

Well ok so I went slow. My excuse this time is that I intentionally went slow to prevent blowing out my knees as the seat did not go back far enough. Yeah, that's the ticket...
The last racer was roadie HPVer Mike Mowett, looking splendiferous in his speed suit and aero helmet. Here, Mike's highly trained crew adjusts the bike to fit him.
Mike got up to speed quickly, and astounds Harry Wozniak as he buzzes by. 
Mike takes the checked flag, while the high tech manual dual stop watch timing system team in the background stops their timing.
Mike takes the checkered flag, and the Bling (the money!) from Harry by beating Rick's time by almost 3 seconds.  
The final two races were separate 50 lap races for unfaired and faired class racers. First the unfaired racers took the track.  

Here flagmeister L. Brunkalla signals racers with the "GO FAST" flag.

Racers blast past and begin to sort themselves out into roughly the same groupings as in the previous day. 
Here's a spectators-eye view from inside the tent city.
4 teenage roadie bikers showed up at the track in the morning for a workout, and decided to stay for the races. Here, Barbie puts the hurt on them during the lap races.
Ed Gin (in yellow) rode his MTB 60 miles to the Northbrook event from Chicago. 

In the background, Jane Hunn drafts Dora Cortez.

Gary Toy makes a pass on his Cobra carbon fiber lowracer.
Sean Costin drafts Dennis Grelk during the 50 lap race. 
Roadies Authur Was, Robert Laurence, Phil Brokla, and Chris Solvaka showed great resilience during the 50 lap stock event.  
Jeff passes Barb and Wendy on the inside.  
Chicago area recumbent riders Ed Gin, Larry Zenger, Chris Cortez, and Earl Russell (L-R) chat during the stock 50 lap race.
Dennis pulls Sean and Gary around Wendy. 
Jane and Dora are very well matched.  
The last race of the day was the faired class 50 lap race. Here Chris Cortez cruises during the 50 lapper.  
Richard Meyers races the Mini-Moby  during the 50 lap faired race.
Due to the heat and wind, Rick Gritters opted to race his stock bike in the faired race race. Gary Toy apparently hadn't had enough fun, so he joined Rick, racing in Superstock.
Mike Mowett races his socked Cervello TT bike. 

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