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On Saturday, October 17th and Sunday October 18th 2009, a spectacular event will take place at the new OmniSport velodrome in Apeldoorn, Netherlands. The purpose of this event is to improve upon existing flying start 200 meter sprint, 1 kilometer, and 1 hour UCI records.

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Recumbent Records:

In 1933 the Frenchman Francis Faure set a new UCI world hour record on a recumbent. In 1934, the UCI excluded recumbent bicycles from competitions and records. After that blow to the recumbent racing community there was silence until the oil crises of the 1970s renewed the interest of recumbent racing and records in the U.S. New records were established and for the first time in many years there was an interest in the recumbent bicycle in the Netherlands. In 1984, the Dutch Association for Human Powered Vehicles (NVHPV) was established.

Twenty-five years after the formation of the NVHPV it is time to look back. What has been achieved? The world records started in the 1970s continue to be improved. At the moment the open class 200 meter IHPVA sprint record for men is 132 km/h (82 MPH) and for women 107 km/h (66 MPH). The hour record for men is 87 km (54 MPH) and for women 73 km (45 MPH). These records were set by highly trained amateur athletes riding carefully designed and extremely streamlined bicycles at special sites where it is safe and possible to drive these vehicles at such high speeds.

But the hour record for non faired recumbent bicycles has received little attention since the exclusion of the recumbent by the UCI in 1934.  In 1996 Chris Boardman rode on a (then) UCI approved bike to set a 56,375 km (35.3 miles) in one hour record. This record, though no longer recognized by the UCI, is heralded by the HPV community as the top speed record for the non-faired hour, and as such it is the record to be beaten. The current hour record for the non-faired recumbent was set by Gert Jan Wijers in 2008, who rode 50,389 km (31.31 miles) and with a tail-faired recumbent Hans Wessels reached 53,019 km (32.94 miles) in one hour. The 1000 m time trial and 200m sprint recumbent bicycle records are still significantly lower than the current UCI records.

For many years no one had recorded the best performances of non-faired recumbent bicycles. The establishment of the World Recumbent Racing Association (WRRA) has changed this and has sparked new interest for these records. Since the establishment of the WRRA, the performance of recumbent racers has gradually improved.

One of the attractions of the non faired-record is there are many more suitable locations where a record can be set. There are also many more velodromes than car test tracks and the rent is also considerably lower. The speeds of fully streamlined recumbents are now too high to safely ride them in velodromes. At the moment there are no locations available where you could set a new record with a full fairing in the Netherlands

Furthermore a suitable bicycle for a non-faired record is relatively easy to buy or to build, which puts the record hunt in reach of a much wider audience. A non-faired recumbent is an easy step into record racing for everyone, and a stepping stone to the absolute top of the HPV record cycling: the complete streamliners. It is also interesting to compare UCI records and the records of the non-faired recumbent, especially for the HPV racers that still ride a UCI road bike.

With its 25 year anniversary, the NVHPV wants to give an extra impulse to set non-faired recumbent records and has organized a record weekend at the velodrome of Apeldoorn in October to do so. There, the hunt for UCI record breaking performances will seriously begin with a nice premium for the non-faired rider that improves on a UCI record.

Event Details:

The record weekend will take place on October 17th and 18th 2009 in the velodrome of Apeldoorn, Netherlands. The aim is to improve the existing UCI records on the hour, the 1000 m and 200 m sprint (see table) with a non faired or tail faired bike. Anyone who seriously wants to make an attack on one of these records may contact Ellen van Vugt at the email address below. Especially for the hour record the start places are limited. Each applicant should be able to demonstrate that he is capable to ride within 5% of the speed (for the hour it may also have been a criterion of at least 30 minutes, a time trial is preferred). If we receive too many applications for a particular component, the record committee will make a selection for the persons that have the best chance. Of course, the current record holders will be invited to defend their existing record.

Anyone can register, racers and public. Click here to register via email


To ensure that these athletic performances are eligible for WRRA records, this event be run according to WRRA rules.

Current Records:

Record Men Women
UCI  Open WRRA Unfaired WRRA Tailfared UCI Open WRRA Unfaired WRRA Tailfaired
1 hour 56.375 Boardman 50.529 Bonneteau 53.019 Wessels 48.159 Longo - - 46.241 Schuit
200m flying 9.572 Sireau 11.4 Costin 11.3 Wessels 10.831 Slioussareva 13.46 Vugt - -
1 km 58.875 Tournant 1.07,50 Costin 1.07,22 Wessels - - 1.19,79 Vugt - -

This record event will be made available to the public. There are 10 SRM meters available to follow speed and power live on the internet. At the end of the event is a final dinner with awards ceremony. Click here to sign up for the awards dinner

Please note that the last day riders can sign up for these record attempts is 1 October for the hour and 10 October for the short distances.

Donations for prize money are still welcome!


  • Prize for improving the hour record of Chris Boardman on a non faired bike: EUR 2500 (target for this amount is as high as possible, sponsors are welcome).
  • Prize for improving the hour record of Jeannie Longo by a lady on a non faired bike: EUR 1000 (we also prefer the highest possible amount).
  • Prize for improving a current WRRA record: EUR 150

    Any payment of awards will be during the closing dinner at the end of the weekend to the rider that is the new record holder at that moment.


Manbijthond Apeldoorn Video


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