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2009 WHPSC Saturday Racing Pictures and Results

Eric Ware supplied the following results from the Drag Races on Friday 9-18-2009 at 1PM:

1/8 mile Standing Start (660 feet) on Humboldt Street next to the Civic Center (in front of the Courthouse.)
Timing was performed by hand (timing tapes were not used for this race.)

In order from fastest to slowest:
1) Scott Wilson 20.92s
2) Julius Makuch 20.99s
3) Robert Barnett 22.09s
4) Julius Makuch 22.39s
5) Chris Broome 22.70s
6) Chris Broome 22.89s
7) Scott Wilson 23.24s
8) Will Nesling 23.66s
9) Will Nesling 24.44s
10)Steve Nash 24.72s
11)Steve Nash 25.89s
12)Greg Westlake 28.95s (hand power)
13)Greg Westlake 30.21s (leg powered)
14)Mike 34.58s
15)Larry Lem 35.11s
16)Austin 37.68s

These are the official as given to me by Robert Barnett, the organizer of the Drag Race.

Larry Lem Notes:
The last 3 places on the 1/8th mile drag race results are all arm-powered.

Scott rode Carl Mueller's Greenspeed X5 trike
Julius rode George Georgiev's leaning trike
Robert rode an upright MTB/commuter bike
Chris rode an M5 lowracer
Will rode a SWB recumbent
Steve rode ........what was it called....some pocket bike with 4" wheels
Greg rode George Georgiev's arm powered trike, and then Carl Mueller's X5
The last 3 rode GG's arm-powered trike


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