How to add images to forum posts
How to add Images and LInks to Forum Messages

Uploading your pictures to the Internet

To add images to forum messages you must first upload your picture(s) to the Internet. Unless you host your own web site, you will need to sign up on an image sharing site. There are many of these sites. For instance, flickr, etc. You can then upload your pictures to these sites. The photo sharing site will usually provide several sizes of your picture as well as links for sharing your photos. Please choose an appropriate photo size for the forum. The links to your photo should start with http:// and end in .jpg, .png, or .gif. Some photo sharing sites like flickr make it more difficult to find the link ending in .jpg.

Inserting your picture into a forum post
Once you have the link code to your image (The URL), you can paste it into a forum message. To test that you have the correct URL, you should be able to paste the URL into a web browser and see just the picture.

Click the Insert Image button shown above to insert the [img][/img] tags into your messsage.  You then copy and paste the image URL between the tags. Example:


Pasting the text above into your post will display the picture above in your message.

Adding links to your message
You can add short links to you message using the Insert Hyperlink button, two buttons to the left of the insert image button. It will insert the tags [url][/url]. Example:


Inserting the code above into your messsage will add a link called "Tutorial". If you then click on the link in the message you would be redirected to this tutorial page.


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