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T O P I C    R E V I E W
alevand Posted - 08/28/2017 : 18:25:11
I am going to meet Jerry on the Natchez Trace in October. I don't have the details, not sure if I am riding from home, 1000 miles to Natchez or driving there and just ridding the trace for a few days. That's the plan anyway. I don't think the 26x26 bike would be ready so it would be the carp. I have two routes to Natchez, the flat route an the scenic route with lots of hills.

Tony Levand
25   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
alevand Posted - 03/19/2018 : 19:26:20
Windy today, 18 mph with 30 mph gusts, though most of the commute home was with the wind, it didn't seem worse than the carp. I need a recovery day today.

Tony Levand
Jerry Posted - 03/18/2018 : 13:30:22
Sending bag back. One seam along the zipper is missing being sawn about 8" long. I might just keep it and re-sew it. I'll turn the bag inside out and check for more imperfections. I need to practice my sewing anyway!
Jerry Posted - 03/17/2018 : 18:19:05
Got my mummy bag today, only it is not a mummy bag! It also is not 27" wide, but 23". It is however over half the weight of my other sleeping bags. Guaranteed comfort down to 20 degrees.
Jerry Posted - 03/17/2018 : 06:31:30
Bought a cheap, $39.97, self inflating sleeping pad off Amazon. I like it. It is still inflated after leaving it out all day yesterday and last night. I like it as well as my old Big Agnes pad, and about a $100 cheaper. Haven't gotten the mummy sleeping bag yet. Was suppose to arrive with the pad, but didn't. I needed something that folded down smaller than the 3 sleeping bags I had. I am hoping I fit in it. Never could sleep in a mummy bag before, but this one is about 27" across the top.
Jerry Posted - 03/16/2018 : 17:22:15
85 here https://www.wunderground.com/weather/us/tx/north-richland-hills/76182 .
alevand Posted - 03/16/2018 : 07:02:11
Its still winter here a full fairing is very nice.

Tony Levand
Jerry Posted - 03/15/2018 : 17:18:51
Anything enclosed is too hot for me when it gets above 70 degrees. I don't think I would want to tour in a streamliner! I would rather ride at 14-15 mph with fresh air hitting me than 19-20 in a hot enclosed streamliner. What I should do is put a disc brake fork on the Musashi and use it for touring. It handles like a dream compared to the Baron. The Baron is ok, but you have to be paying attention all the time. The Musashi I can turn around and look behind me. I would not try that on the Baron. Not on the streets anyways.

Then again a Catrike Expedition is a very nice touring machine. It is pretty fast and can carry a big load. Put my trailer behind it and it would be even better. The comfort factor of the Musashi or a trike is higher for me than raw speed on a tour.

My trike with full fairing is over 60 pounds! And it is too hot in the fairing to ride during hot summer days. I got to where I was rinding it at night time last summer. I prefer riding at night, but not Friday or Saturday nights. Too many drunk drivers out then.
alevand Posted - 03/15/2018 : 16:09:50
Top makes a big difference. Carp was 49 lbs with faring, swb should be 40 lbs. Id like to get a full faired bike around 30 lbs. Loaded down streamliners are not fun to ride.

Tony Levand
Jerry Posted - 03/15/2018 : 13:43:33
No top on it, just open cockpit. His moving average on a 35 mile ride yesterday 23+ with what he says was a lot left in his gas tank. He rides 13,000+ miles a year. Every weekend he will do a 200k. About once a month he will do a 300k, 400k, or 600k. About 2 times a year he does a 900-1,000k. He just finished a PacTour from CA to GA, now he is doing another PacTour. Most of his riding here is good old Texas chip seal. They use big aggregate instead of the finer stuff. His buddy terms it as riding through Beirut after a bombing run.

I know a guy down this way with a real nice Quest with a lot of upgrades for cheap. Or I might just get a lighter, faster trike and build another corovelo. I weighed my trike with the pedals on it, 49+ pounds! Maybe a used Speed or Expedition for my corovelo.

alevand Posted - 03/15/2018 : 09:45:52
That's probably the best excuse you could find to buy one. He probably has a top on it. The velo has half the drag as the trike. (15/20)^2 ~ .5

I could average 20 mph in the old carp, no head wind and smooth road. Chip seal and cracks takes 4 mph off. Id like to average at least 18 in the swb fully faired.

Derailleur is considered lost in the mail, vendor sending another, I may fit the front fairing on this weekend anyway and deal with the derailleur later. I may do an overnighter before April.

Tony Levand
Jerry Posted - 03/15/2018 : 07:31:46
They call it a mummy bag, but the opening is 27" wide. Plus I have lost close to 32 pounds. The air mattress is mummy shape, 22" x 71", 19" wide at the knee.

I have 12 strawberry plants, 3 tomato plants, a lemon tree, and an orange tree. I grew the lemon and orange trees from seeds when we were living in the RV. I will plant my lemon cucumbers, mini vine cucumbers, radishes, zucchini, yellow quash, jalapeno, bell pepper, and gourds for the grand kids next week. Will have to wait until next year to have a real garden.

Not going to get injured, just out of oxygen! My legs will be like jelly.

I will meet next week with one of the guys who is suppose to ride to Nashville with me in October. I might have to buy a Quest velo for touring. The guy I am meeting says he can average a little over 20 mph in his velo without trying very hard. His watts in velo are the same as on his trike which he averages 15 mph. He and the other guy are leaving soon for another TransPac tour.
alevand Posted - 03/15/2018 : 06:30:33
I grew 30 tomato plants from seed indoors. The morning after I planted them, they were just little nubs left, every one eatned. In the garden and a rabbit sitting next to it. I was so mad it picked up a base ball size rock and threw it at it. To my surprise I hit it squarely in the side, 75 feet away. It ran around the side of the house, one back leg dangling. Later that day I was mowing the front, they rabbit saw my and ran across the street. I bought store bought replacements pull out creeping charlie and put it around each one, no problems after that.

We had squash bugs here, killed every zucchini and pumpkin vine. Id pick them off, and squish them, but they just cloned too fast.

I am packing stuff into the little fairing, and that's all Im bringing. I ordered the pad, should be here next week. I'm bringing my light weight down bag.

I thought you said that your shoulders didn't fit into a mummy bag.

Don't injure your self at the races.


Tony Levand
Jerry Posted - 03/14/2018 : 21:59:58
Four years ago I had 132 stalks of sweet corn. I planted 16 seeds every 3-4 days so I would have fresh sweet corn a few days a week. About one day before I was going to pick my first batch of said sweet corn, I woke up to see most of the stalks bent over or completely uprooted. Only about 20 or so stalks was still standing. I put out several live animal traps that night. Woke up the next morning and found 8 Raccoons in my traps, and no corn. I had moved my corn patch too close to the woods as I rotated my crops each year. The only place large enough was about 15 feet from heavy woods. Planted my corn the next year over a 100 feet from the woods. Only lost a few ears of corn from the pesky squirrels and some crows.

I am bringing my Brinkman stove and soda can alcohol stove. The little stove to make my instant coffee in the morning to get me going. The Brinkman for supper and breakfast.

I bought a mummy sleeping bag and a self inflating air mattress with 2 day Prime shipping. They will be here by Saturday. I'll bring my hammock just in case. I might need to pull my trailer behind me to carry all my stuff.

Almost forgot about Saturday. I am doing a 5k, 10k, and 20k races. I am way out of shape. Maybe I will not be the slowest person there.
alevand Posted - 03/14/2018 : 16:11:38
OK ,the same guy that built the attic ladder...

The squirrels climb the stalk and chew off the whole sun flower at the stem, before the seed are ripe, an just leave them there on the ground, little buggers..

I am not planning on bringing a stove, don't have one. Im getting the thermarest trail scout medium from REI, $39 66x20x1 inches

Im getting the prolite plus pad, I may trim it down shorter.

Tony Levand
Jerry Posted - 03/14/2018 : 14:19:50
I use no fertilizers or chemicals on anything. The guy who owned the house before me had put layers of sod over sod. I had to take it down 8-10 inches in some places. He had St. Augustine grass down and it was mostly dead. ?That crap needs way too much water and is a real pita! I am laying Bermuda which once established, can go for a very long time without water. I don't water grass unless I put down new seed or sod. I went with sod this time. I am also pulling out about 20 plants that are not native and I will replace with native plants and flowers. People go out and put Weed Be Gone and Roundup all over the place. Kills the bees and pollutes the water table. I had over 150 Sun flowers and 8 varieties from 3 feet tall to about 10 feet. I was planning on gathering seeds from one plant of each. The little Finches left me nothing put pyramid piles of seed husk on the ground.

I had a snapping turtle winter in my waterfall pond each winter, had a mother fox with her den, wild ducks would use my pond to hatch their babies, several deer, over 150 wild turkeys, 1,000's of butterflies, bees, and a lot of other wildlife on my property. I had the orange milk weed for Monarch butterflies, butterfly bushes, bee balm, and hundreds of plants for birds, butterflies, humming birds, and others. I even had bat boxes and gourds for bird houses. 99% of all my plants were native to where I lived.

I like sleeping in dugouts. All I need is a pad, light weight blanket, and mosquito netting.

I usually will make rice and home made succotash with onion, lima beans, corn/sweet corn, diced spiced tomatoes, and a jalapeno for camp supper. I do oatmeal with fruit and a cup of coffee for breakfast. I am bringing my Brinkman one burner stove. I also make a bar from dates, oatmeal, natural peanut butter, walnuts, raisins, coconut, and sometimes dried blueberries and almonds. I make 2 huge pans of it and wrap in wax paper. Makes for good energy snacks all day long.
alevand Posted - 03/14/2018 : 11:21:20

What was wrong with the old grass? I hate it when people and the village put chemicals on the lawn, it stinks, and they cause algae blooms in my lake. Why make your yard toxic? I am all for biodiversity in my lawn. I probably have 5 species of flowering plant, bees love it. Dandelions, clover, creeping charlie, violets, milkweed, thistles all get a bad rap, orchestrated by the lawn chemical complies. We watch the yellow and black finches land upside down and pull the seeds out of the thistles. It was 19 this morning. Ive forgotten how easy the upright climbs, how the big wheels go through snow and gravel, and how slow into the wind.

Dugouts would be great.

Tony Levand
Jerry Posted - 03/14/2018 : 09:43:49
I think I will buy a new self inflating pad too. The reason I asked about how far to ride is I have contacted a couple of schools about staying in their baseball dug outs and a few churches about camping on their property. Three schools said yes, three said no because of liability, but if no one saw us, they would not get upset. All the churches except one said yes. I was hoping to make it to Ridgeland the first day or maybe even Ross Barnett Reservoir. From then on, I have no expectations of how far.

It was a low of 67 Friday morning, 37 this morning. That doesn't sound too cold compared to where you are, but it is cold after getting use to warmer temps. I slept hard last night. I spent all day yesterday tilling up the yard and shoveling and raking dirt. We started at 7 am and worked until 7 pm. We are waiting for the sod to arrive. I'll be tired and worn out again tonight. That is 4 tons of grass! All the lifting, placing, rolling, and cutting to fit. Five years ago it would have been a piece of cake. Now it is like when will this torture end. Golden years my ass! More like the back, blue, and purple years.
alevand Posted - 03/14/2018 : 06:56:44
I am going to buy a new self inflating air pad from REI, trial scout as the ridgerest foam one wont fit in the bike. R value is 3.1, weight 1 lb 4 oz, 11 inches x 5.4 inches packed.

Well, as far as we can ride before getting tired or dark out. I have a generator on the back wheel, will bring lighting. I'm riding the upright today to work, too much snow packed in the fenders and froze overnight.

Tony Levand
Jerry Posted - 03/13/2018 : 20:24:18
Glad I don't live where it snows anymore. If I had to ride in that, it would be in a velomobile.

How far do you want to ride on day one?
alevand Posted - 03/13/2018 : 18:30:35
Commute home:

Tony Levand
Jerry Posted - 03/13/2018 : 14:42:11
I watched the video 6 more times and I never saw anyone taunting the white truck. I did see the guy riding two abreast with his pal. The truck was blowing his horn and passed in the left lane. The car swerved right at the guy and hit him. I don't know why people wear black riding a bike, especially in hot weather. No mirrors, black clothes, and riding two to three abreast. I was driving my van the Sunday and 12 uprights pulled out in front of the car in front of me and immediately the bike riders started riding 4 abreast. Every now an then two of the bikes would cross over the white and yellow center line with cars coming at them. They rode 4 abreast for over a 1/2 mile going about 12 mph before I turned off. The 12 mile long MUP was 50 feet to the right of them. No wonder people get pissed off with people on bikes.
alevand Posted - 03/13/2018 : 07:04:17
The cyclist was in the middle of the road and wearing black, you can see him taunting the white truck.. The driver lied to the police, said the cyclist ran into the car, before he knew there was a video, a sociopath. Takes two to tango.

There is a surprising amount of angry old men on the road.

Riding to work, 25F, t-31 days.

Tony Levand
Jerry Posted - 03/12/2018 : 20:55:26
Never ride a bike without my GoPro, and now I take two other video cameras with me. I have the GoPro on my helmet facing forward, the other camera facing rear ward, and the 3rd camera for back up. I guess you can say I have 4 including my cell phone.

I still do not understand why upright riders refuse to use mirrors. I met a lady rider the other day when I was stopping taking a drink break on the NoCom. She told me she didn't wear a mirror now because all her biking friends made fun of her for wearing it. I noticed her ear plugs and she told me she only uses them in one ear. She listens to music in one ear and listens for cars with the other. What! You just can't fix stupid!
alevand Posted - 03/12/2018 : 19:02:31
Maybe you should bring your go-pro.....


Driver looking at 2 years in prison...

Tony Levand
Jerry Posted - 03/12/2018 : 10:30:14
Hey, it worked. I re-sized the image. Wahoo!
The post in the picture was in the back yard when we bought the house. It is only about 10 inches in the ground. It will not support a hammock with a person in it.


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