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How To Go Fast    

Many recumbent cyclists are content just cruising along and smelling the flowers. 

But maybe you are a bit of a malcontent. 
A rebel without a cause. 
Maybe you want to ride fast.

Top 10 of Human Powered Achievements of 2013    
  1. The AeroVelo / University of Toronto team members won the $250,000 Sikorsky prize for Human Powered helicopter flight.
  2. Maria Leijerstam became the first person to pedal to the South Pole. She rode a custom ICE recumbent trike.
  3. Maria Parker won the RAAM in the female recumbent category after making an incredible comeback. She was also fastest female overall.
  4. Sebastiaan Bowier of the Delft team set a new WHPSC Battle Mountain 200M world record of 83.13 mph.
  5. Team Cieo broke the Tandem One Hour record by riding 51.582 miles at the Dekra track.
  6. Wil Baselmans set a 79.18 mph 200M personal best at Battle Mountain in the VeloX3
  7. Sebastiaan Bowier set an unofficial unfaired stock one hour distance of 32.023 miles at RDW.
  8. Gareth Hanks set a 45.857 mile one hour world record in the single rider trike category.
  9. Graeme Obree's prone streamliner 200M record attempts for bringing media attention to the human powered speed championships.
  10. Keita Saito of Tokyo Tech's team Meister won the 2013 Japan International Birdman Rally with a flight distance of over 20 kilometers.

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WHPSC 2013    
WHPSC 2013
The 2013 World Human Powered Speed Championships at Battle Mountain, Nevada was held from 9/9 through 9/14. On the last day of the event Sebastiaan Bowier of the Netherlands pedaled the Delft Velox 3 to a new 200 Meter world record speed of 83.13 MPH! Check out the WHPSC site for all the results and pictures from the race week! 
U of Toronto team wins Sikorsky prize    

Photo courtesy of Martin Turner

The AeroVelo team, consisting of University of Toronto students and Alumni has won the $250,000 Sikorsky prize for a Human Powered Helicopter that can hover at 10 feet (3 meters) for longer than 1 minute while staying in a 50 foot circle. After many setbacks and a few crashes they accomplishished this goal on June 13th, 2013.  To attain this feat, Todd Reichert had to generate 1200 watts to get the helicopter to up to 3 Meters, hover for a minute at 800 watts, then generate 600 watts to lower the 'copter to the ground. It is an amazing feat both technologically and physically. Both the AeroVelo and U of Maryland team have been very close to this goal for the past year and both were very close to winning. The U of T team has been particpating in HPRA races and the Battle Mountain speed event for several years, and is becoming impressively refined. See more here

2013 Recumbent Industry Update    

In general it seems like manufacturers are raising their prices to keep up with inflation and cutting bike and trike models that do not sell as well. Most manufacturers are now offering e-assist options. Though trikes are selling well, the trike manufacturers are no longer expanding, and most are reducing their model choices. There is a gradual trend toward "big wheel" recumbent bikes. These higher bikes seem to work well for everyone except for the speed hungry recumbent lowracer crowd. 

This year we have lost Organic Engines, Cycle Genius, Radius and Bentech. TW-Bents was sold to EFUN Bikes. Challenge has been sold to Elan. Velokraft is mostly just making e-bikes now.
My look toward the future sees harder times for small manufacturers. Consolidation has already happened (eg: TerraCycle, BentUp), and will continue. Many of the older US recumbent manufacturers are "sole proprietor" shops, and that single person is getting close to retirement. This means some of the classics will no longer be made (eg: Haluzak, Organic Engines). Velomobiles and e-assist are niches that will continue to grow. Fat tires will become more popular. 
WHPSC 2012    
The World Human Powered Speed Championships at Battle Mountain, Nevada are being held this year from 9/10/2012 to 9/15/2012. 
New one hour recumbent record    
Photo by Speedy Malric On May 25th, 2012, Aurélien Bonneteau of France broke the one hour time trial record at 56.597 km/hr average speed (35.168 MPH). This betters the previous unfaired record set in 1996 by Chris Boardman by 0.138 MPH. This record is pending WRRA approval. More info
Videos from    

Recently I posted  some historic human power videos that you may find interesting.

World Human Powered Speed Championships 2011    

Full coverage of the Battle Mountain event here

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