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This page is about the various design, homebuilding and modification projects undertaken by MARS members. They're listed several different ways to make it easy to find what you're looking for.
Listing by bike (homebuilts and major mods)

ohn Tetz's Low weight, low power E-Assist and Current Limiter for the Low weight, low power E-Assist (5/08)
John Tetz's Trike Foamshell Velomobile (9/05)
John Tetz's Zotefoam Manual (9/05)
Tom Spollen's Rosebud Bike & T-Bucket Trike (5/05)
Chris & Tom Spollen's Wizzer Trike (7/04); fairing added in 10/04
Tom Spollen's Tiki Bike, a "recycled recumbent", a recumbent made from old bike parts (12/03)
Chris & Tom Spollen's V-Bee streamliner, built from the same mold as John Tetz's Vacuum Foamshell (8/4/03).
Chris & Tom Spollen's V-1 streamliner shell was built using John Tetz's original foam molding technique.
John Tetz's orange foamshell
page describes the basic hand-formed, male-mold technique for making foamshells.
John Tetz's vacuum foamshell is the latest project, built around the LFWD bike
John Tetz's Laid Back Bike is a carbon fiber monocoque.
Rich Sadler's foamshell streamliner
is a LWB lowracer design encased in a very swoopy orange fairing.

Andy Douglas' streamlined Pharobike lowracer project
A lot of random stuff here... many mods to the bike

Misc. projects (small-scale mods and special projects)

ohn Tetz's Crr vs temperature test results (1/05), updated (9/05)
Rich Sadler's electric power assist
Andy Douglas' Wishbone tailbox and headrest
John Tetz's bomb-bay doors for a streamliner
John Tetz's high-density foam stiffeners for foamshell fairings

John Tetz's foam wheel discs (revised 8/03)
WISIL wheel disc page
Tri-County Recumbents wheel disc page
John Tetz's carbon-framed mesh seat
John Tetz's left-hand-drive freewheel

Paul John's Challenge Jester luggage rack

Paul John's Optima Tailbox mounting
Turning a cycle computer into a cadence counter

Joe Keenan's RANS seat drink bladder holder
Joel Waxman's RANS seat neckrest mod
Making a power-side idler sprocket

How to glue Coroplast

Listing by individual

- John Tetz - Vacuum molded Zote fairing/LFWD, Orange foamshell, Laid Back Bike, Carbon seat, foam wheel discs, bomb bay doors, foam stiffeners, rolling resistance vs temperature testing, trike foamshell velomobile, Zotefoam manual.
- Rich Sadler - Blow-molded Zote fairing, electric power assist
- Spollen brothers - Homebuilt lowracers, Zote streamliner shell, trikes
- Andrew Douglas - Pharobike modifications and fairing projects, plus headreast and tailbox mount fabrication.
- Paul John - Mods for the Challenge Jester, including a rack and tailbox mounting.