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MARS projects - Andy Douglas' streamliner color studies
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Andy Douglas' streamliner - color studies

01/16/02 update... the results are in! Choice 1 won by a 2:1 margin over each of the other two. Feel free to email me with your opinion anyway.

Plastazote is available in several colors, which is a good thing because paint doesn't stick to it very well. Unfortunately, many of these colors are bloody awful. I've narrowed the choices down to four, which work in various combinations: Yellow, medium blue, orange, and black.

Because the shell will be built to split into two pieces for transport, I have the opportunity to use contrasting colors to make it more visually appealing and to hide the seam where the split is.

Vivian Chin, the resident Photoshop ace at work, helped me out by doing several color studies. The finalists are what you see below, superimposing the colors on a photo of John Tetz's orange foamshell to show what they'll actually look like on the bike.

I'm EXTREMELY interested in input from anyone who sees this page on which you like best. Please email me at Thanks!!! (I'd appreciate it if you could just vote for one of the three, rather than coming up with your own variation... I've examined all the possible combinations and these three really are the best, no kidding.)

By the way, yes, I know that black is not the best choice for the topsides because of heat... but the top is a separate piece and I really want to hide the seam. Also, since it's made of foam it should provide some insulation. Plus I'm thinking of making the top from higher-density foam than the sides, and it's available only in black or white (and white is out becuse it will get filthy in a heartbeat).

Choice 1, Black on top and bottom, yellow nose sides, blue tail sides. This is my favorite at the moment (note that the aft face of the tail -- not visible in this picture -- is flat, and would be yellow in this version):

Choice 2, Black on top and bottom, blue nose sides, yellow tail sides:

Choice 3, Black on top and bottom, orange nose sides, yellow tail sides. I think it looks a bit too much like Halloween candy... what do you think? (By the way, the reverse of this, with yellow in front and orange in back, didn't look good at all.):