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Nifty cycle computer tip... creating a cadence measurer

Found this one on the Internet. For those of you who can't find a cadence-measuring computer you like, here's a way to make one out of almost any old computer... note that the converted computer will only measure cadence, not speed or distance, so you'll still need a second computer for those functions.

Thanks to Matthew Schneps of Harvard for this one.

Any cycling computer can be made into a cadence computer by mounting the magnet and sensor on the cranks and by setting the wheel size to 1667mm and the readout to km/hr (instead of mph). This is true for any bike, any wheel size. The speed will indicate cadence, such that 9.7 km/hr will be a cadence of 97 rpm.

You can thus convert a cheap or damaged cyclocomputer to a cadence meter. You may need to splice some additional wire in to reach the cranks.

It works well, is accurate, and fun!