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MARS Zote Foam pages

There's a lot of information on the MARS website about projects made using Zote foam, aka Plastazote. For your convenience, links to all of these pages have been collected here. These pages all appear elsewhere on the site as well.

Streamliner fairings
John Tetz' Trike Foamshell Velomobile

John Tetz's Zotefoam Manual

John Tetz's Orange Foamshell
-- The original foamshell page, and a must-read for anyone interested in working with Zote foam. Has information on the basic hand-formed male mold method, and source information for the foam.

John Tetz's Vacuum Foamshell -- The latest shell project, made using higher density foam vacuum-formed into a female mold.

Rich Sadler's Foamshell -- A different take on construction, making use of a free-blown foam nose and internal bracing.

Spollen Brothers V1 -- A shell made using the basic male mold method. Excellent, clear construction photos.

Spollen Brothers VBee -- A vacuum-formed shell made using the same molds as Tetz's VFS

Andy Douglas' Pharobike streamliner -- A different method of making male molds, using hot-wire techniques and templates. This project is currently in hiatus, due mostly to laziness and a side experiment with Coroplast.

Other foam projects
Foam wheel disc page -- New and improved procedures for making ultralight wheel discs out of Zote foam

Making foam stiffeners -- Method for making ultralight stiffeners as used on both of John Tetz's foamshell fairings.

Making bomb-bay doors -- Detailed instructions for making bomb-bay doors for streamliner shells. Specifically about the use of foam, but also applicable to other materials such as Coroplast and composites.