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MARS projects - Spollen V1 streamliner shell
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Spollen Streamliner Update 5/1/03

8" handlebars with pre-cut (shortened) bar ends, 8" bar better aero, also will fit inside a shell

New handlebar installed. The standard honk bars were chopped by 2".

Old handlebars above, new handelbars below. Note the body shape on bottom with hot rod handles.

Simple under sink hose glued with automotive goop, works very well, no rub. Do not understand why it works so well, very simple.

The V-16 with finished zote foam tail. The top is painted cardboard.

The bottom of the tail is fully enclosed; it attaches with four velcro straps and a plastic wing nut.

The V-1 behind the V-16. The V-16 is at least 4" lower. That's a lot.

The V-1 has been on the road two years now, with lots of mileage in traffic, winter 8 degrees, summer 94 degrees, and still flying. Special thanks to John Tetz for design and construction help.