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Vacuum Foamshell
by John Tetz

This project (VFS) follows my very successful orange foamshell (OFS), which has a carbon fiber rear wheel drive bike inside it. The VFS is built around my latest bike, the Low Front Wheel Drive (LFWD), built in 2001. The LFWD bike reflects lessons learned from my earlier FWD, and has turned out very well. Originally, I was working on a new version of a fairing much like the OFS. But when the Momentum molds became available, I changed direction.

As of 7/25/03, there are 104 photos and text in 13 sections. Each section is linked to the next one at the bottom of each page.

LFWD features (9 photos)
2. Left hand drive freewheel (10 photos)
3. LFWD carbon mesh seat construction (11 photos)
4. Origin of the mold (1 photo)
5. Mold measurements and preparation (5 photos)
6. Vacuum process results
(6 photos)
Mounting the foamshell on the LFWD (7 photos)
8. Front mount / foot clearance issues (3 photos)
9. Canopy (6 photos)
10. Tail (7 photos)
11. Turtledeck (15 photos)
12. Finished streamliner (13 photos)
13. Appendix: Welding zote foam (11 photos)

Succasunna, NJ
May 2003