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John Tetz projects

Streamliner fairings and bikes
Trike Foamshell Velomobile
(9/05) A trike designed specifically to be put inside a foamshell.

Zotefoam Manual
(9/05) A detailed description of a new way to heat form Zotefoam on a male mold.

Vacuum Foamshell
-- A foamshell vacuum-formed into a female mold.

Orange Foamshell -- The original foamshell page showing an early method of working with Zotefoam. Has information on the basic hand-formed male mold method, and source information for the foam.

Laid Back Bike is a carbon fiber monocoque with full suspension, a Rohloff mid-drive and integrated, cargo-carrying tailbox. This project write-up includes 110 photos, divided into two albums, on the MARS Club Photo site, see Part 1 and Part 2.

Other projects

Low weight, low power E-Assist and Current Limiter for the Low weight, low power E-Assist (5/08)

Welding zote foam
-- Appendix to Vacuum Foamshell write-up.

Making foam wheel discs
-- New revised (8/03) instructions for making thin Zote foam wheel discs.

Making foam stiffeners -- Method for making ultralight stiffeners as used on both of John Tetz's foamshell fairings.

Making bomb bay doors -- Detailed instructions for making bomb-bay doors for streamliner shells. Specifically about the use of foam, but also applicable to other materials such as Coroplast and composites.

Making a carbon mesh seat -- As used on the LFWD bike. Stiff and breathable at the same time, weighs less than a pound. This section is now part of the Vacuum Foamshell write-up.

Left hand drive freewheel. Tetz's FWD setup requires the cogs to be put on the right side of the bike, with a drive chain that runs down the left side. So... a left-handed freewheel is needed to make it all work. Here's how to modify a Shimano freewheel to make it left-handed. This section is now part of the Vacuum Foamshell write-up.

Coastdown notes -- Some thoughts on coastdown testing.

Crr vs Temperature -- Coefficient of rolling resistance as affected by temperature (1/05), updated with summer temperature data (9/05).