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MARS rides - Andover, NJ
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Ride description: Andover, NJ

Andover loop - 26 or 35 miles, with shorter options.

This is a ride with many choices. The basic ride is 26 miles of farm land.
It heads north from Andover and then heads south
(one hill). The route passes Andover and does a southern loop down and back
up. Those who want to cut out the hill can take Iliff Road.

For those who want to do even a shorter more relaxed, looking at the
scenery type ride can cut off and head back to Andover in a couple of
places. Or only do the southern (flatter) section.

For a group who would like to ride a bit faster/further we will do the
northern section together and after heading south past Andover, break off
on a lead-drop-follow type ride (no route sheet). This will be around 35 miles.
We could do a longer ride if the group wants to.

There are no food stops for the main ride. There is a old funky store on the
longer ride.

Current ride weather:
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