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MARS rides - George Washington Bridge
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Ride description: George Washington Bridge

George Washington Bridge to Piermont/Nyack, NY - 30/36 miles.
This ride runs along the top of the Palisades north from the New Jersey end of the George Washington Bridge. It's popular with cyclists, and features a very fast, 3/4 mile downhill run (going north). The flip side of this, of course, is that you get to ride back UP it coming south! (Just remember: hills make you stronger.) Don't worry, the best place to turn around if you don't like hills is noted in the route description.

There are several options for this route. One very popular one is to turn around in Piermont, just short of Nyack, instead of heading on farther north. There is a nice deli right in the middle of Piermont, complete with bike stands. There's also a long pier in Piermont that affords great views of the Hudson and the impressive (though not terribly scenic) Tappan Zee Bridge. This option results in a 30-mile ride.

Continuing another three miles or so up into Nyack, the destination is a neat place called the Runcible Spoon. Pretty good food, and a nice atmosphere.

2003 update: During a visit to Piermont in early March, it was noticed that there's another Runcible Spoon there. No other info is available at the moment.

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