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MARS rides - North County Trailway, Westchester
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Ride description: North County Trailway, Westchester

Eastview/Pleasantville/Millwood - Putnam County and return, variable mileage.
This bike path ride follows the railroad bed of the old Putnam County Railroad, and is part of the Westchester County Trailway system. It's flat, scenic and almost entirely free from interaction with auto traffic. A highlight of this ride is a spot where it crosses the New Croton reservoir, about three miles north of Millwood. Beautiful!

For more detailed information, check the links below.

The trailway has several places to meet and park. There's a good-sized lot at Eastview, a small lot 3.75 miles north at Pleasantville (with a much larger lot 1/4 mile from the trail) and a good amount of parking in Millwood, another five miles north of Pleasantville.

The default meeting spot is Millwood, because there is adequate parking and access to rest rooms and stores. Directions to both Millwood and Pleasantville are provided on the directions page for this ride.

Route description: Our own, detailed writeup on the trailway, including mileages between various points. Click HERE.

Current ride weather:
A detailed forecast can be had by clicking HERE.

Directions to Start:
For all three meeting spots. Click HERE.

Official Westchester County website for the trailway: Click HERE.
(Includes some history and PDFs of the official trail map... a bit out of date, but useful).

Trailway pictures:
Click HERE.

A little more info on the trailway from
Click HERE.