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MARS rides - Round Valley, NJ
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Ride description: Round Valley, NJ

Round Valley loop, 30 miles. This is a hilly ride, with some long climbs and two shorter ones that are granny-gear, cardiac-stress-test steep (the steep sections are all short enough to walk up in a reasonable amount of time if you need to).

It goes from Round Valley to Flemington where we stop for lunch. There's some climbing on the way, but the ride out is dominated by a lot of thrilling downhill runs on smooth roads. The second half returns to Round Valley and has the bulk of the climbing, punctuated by a spectacular 1.5 mile fast downhill. The last few miles have the worst climb. Most of the ride is on rural roads. There is some rough pavement (not broken, but rough-textured), but none of it is on the downhill sections, so no worries.

The important thing about this ride is to refrain from burning yourself out pedaling down the hills in the first half. You're going to need all your energy coming home.

The starting point is at the east picnic area of the Round Valley State Park, off US-22 (near I-78, exit 20A westbound or exit 18 eastbound) near Clinton in central New Jersey. There is a parking fee during the summer months at the park, but it may be possible to meet there and caravan to somplace else where there is free parking.

Current ride weather: A detailed forecast for the area can be had by clicking HERE.

NJ State webpage about the park can be seen by cliking HERE.

Directions to Start: Click HERE.

Route description: Click HERE.