2009 Ford Challenge Human Powered Vehicle and recumbent bicycle races

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Michigan Human Powered Speed Challenge Event
(formerly Ford Human Powered Speed Challenge)

In July 2009, you will have the chance to race on the newly repaved 5 mile (8 kilometer) oval, perfectly flat, 5 lane wide Ford proving ground track. All racers are welcome. In addition to the record setting events, this will be an HPRA Race Series Event.

This event is sanctioned by the IHPVA, and the WRRA for the 100 mile event. This means that whether you race a streamlined speedbike , a stock recumbent, or a "normal" bike, you have a chance to set a record or personal best at this event.

HPRA points events include the one hour TT, 200 meter sprint, 1K standing start, 1/4 mile drag, trike race and coast down.

Registration Fees and Rules
Map and directions to the event
Ford Challenge Flyer (PDF)
Ford HPV Challenge Graphic (PDF)
Ford Electrahon Challenge (PDF)
Needed Survey Markings

This facility is located outside of Romeo, Michigan which is about 45 minutes North of Detroit.

The track is in excellent shape with smooth asphalt all around, and it's well sheltered from wind.

Event Organizer - Mike Mowett
Sponsoring Group - The MHPVA

Participants (unconfirmed, updated 7/09)

Streamliner Racers

Racer Vehicle Builder Nationality Class Wheels  
Warren Beauchamp Cuda-W Beauchamp/Rodaro USA Streamliner 2  
Barbara Buatois Varna Tempest Georgiev France Streamliner 2  
Dennis Grelk Barracuda Beauchamp USA Streamliner 2  
Bruce Gordon WAW Velomobile   USA Streamliner 3  
Rick Gritters Gritters-liner Gritters USA Streamliner 2  
Barclay Henry Black Trike 'liner Henry USA Streamliner 3  
Jeff Hunn Wianecki-liner Wianecki USA Streamliner 2  
Fred Markham Varna Mephisto Georgiev USA Streamliner 2  
Missouri University S&T Transgressor Missouri University team USA Streamliner 2  
Richard Myers GeeBee Moby Blue Hreno USA Streamliner 2  
Charlie Ollinger Norus Poirier USA Streamliner 2  
Thom Ollinger Coslinger Ollinger/Costin USA Streamliner 2  
Chuck Royalty Orion SpeedTrike Gage USA Streamliner 3  
Thomas Van Schaik Speedhawk IIb Mertens/Van Vugt Netherlands Streamliner 2  
Simon Sanderson Amanita Virosa Sanderson Great Britain Streamliner 2  
Dave Sianez CCS University Trike CCS University Trike USA Streamliner 3  
John Simon Red Moby Hreno USA Streamliner 2  
Ellen Van Vugt SpeedHawk IIa Mertens/Van Vugt Netherlands Streamliner 2  
Eric Ware Sled Edge   USA Streamliner 2  
Hans Wessels Speedhawk IIb Mertens/Van Vugt Netherlands Streamliner 2  
Rose-Hulman Institute Mark IV Rose-Hulman team USA Streamliner 2  
Greg Westlake Avos Arrow Sova/Samila Canada Streamliner 3  
Tedd Wheeler Aleweder velomobile   USA Streamliner 3  
Sam Whittingham Varna Diablo III Georgiev Canada Streamliner 2  
Damjan Zabovnik Eivie II Zabovnik Slovenia Streamliner 2  

Stock Racers
Chris & Dora Cortez - Gritters lowracers
Sean Costin - NoCom
Tim Hicks - Black Max
Jim Iwaskow - tailfaired Jester
Bill Hannon - Velokraft NoCom
Doug Jacobs - Velokraft NoCom
Chris Evans - Velokraft NoCom
Don Smith - Velokraft NoCom
John Morciglio - MachOne lowracer
Bruce Gordon - Zox 20/20
Chris Myers - M5 lowracer
Clayton Gallap - Vrex
Bob Teregan / Merlin Elsner - Rans Screamer Tandem
Steve Hansen - Catrike Expedition trike
Dan Thorne - Challenge Fujin
Julie Pitko - Challenge Fujin
Curtis Valey - lowracer

Partially faired
Wally Kiehler - Lightning F40
Bob Krzewinski - Lightning F40
Dave Pearson - Infinity SuperStreet
Frank Lindley - Infinity SuperStock
Doug Pertner - Predator - Optima Baron with fairing

Previous 1 hour HPV record events
2007 Nissan 1 Hour Challenge

2006 Nissan 1 Hour Challenge

Electrathon Challenge
Also at this event will be the Ford Electrathon Challenge. World champion Electrathon racers will attempt to break the One Hour World Electrathon record.

Human Power and Electrathon graphics by C. Michael Lewis

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