Michigan Speed Challenge Friday
2009 Michigan Speed Challenge
Pictures and commentary by Warren Beauchamp
 Mike Mowett tech inspects the chase vehicles. Steve Nash holds the van door. Barbara Buatois relaxes in the van.
The Varna tempest is ready to go. 
Greg Ockenfels works on the Orion trike. The trike was damaged in shipment but looked to be functionally sound. 
Ellen Van Vugt puts on her helmet,  George Georgiev holds the bike and Hand Van Vugt prepares the bike.
Ellen crams into the Speedhawk II. 
Chuck Royalty prepares to  be taped into the Orion speedtrike.
Sam Whittingham returns from his test run, and the windshield immediately fogs up while he waits to be extracted. 
Rick Gritters holds Sam while he waits to be extracted. 
Barbara Buatois is launched for her hour attempt. 
Ellen Van Vugt is launched for her hour attempt. 
Barbara goes by at speed, as the clouds darken. 
The rain comes down toward the end of the first hour record attempt.  
Chuck felt the trike pull sharply to the right and then hit the guard rail. The Orion Speed trike lost one of it's rear wheel stays after the collision. Fortunately, Chuck was fine.
Another shot of the Orion post-crash. 

A Baron back to back tandem lowracer

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