Michigan Challenge
2009 Michigan Challenge
Pictures and commentary by Warren Beauchamp
 E. Michael Lewis's Electrothon racer. This vehicle set a new world record at over 62 MPH for the hour.
Mike Sova's hand powered trike streamliner was powered by Greg Westlake for a new hand powered record for the hour of 20.61102 mph.
Electrothon racers prepare for Saturday's hour event. 
Steve Nash looks down on Dave Cloud's Electrothon racer. Steve was Dave's driver for this event.
C. Michael Lewis wedges himself into his racer.
"Boss" lowracer. 
M. Jensen Didulo's leaning trike
Dave Johnson's streamliner, built by Rick Wianecki. 
John Morciglio's CF "Thundervolt M1" lowracer. John is actively manufacturing these 24 lb CF speed machines.
 Dave Sianez' CCS University trike
 The Cortez's take a break under the tent.
Electrothon racers line up for the one hour time trial 
Cool vehicles, all powered by 67lbs of lead acid batteries, running at 24 volts.
As the race started, the rain came in. Dave Cloud's racer (left) powered through the rain, C. Michael Lewis' machine (center) blew a fuse before it hit the rain, and the blue racer blew a breaker after hitting the wall of rain and getting water in the system. 

Dave Cloud's machine continued through the rain for the hour, finishing with a new world record.

Later Saturday, the rain passed and the track dried out in time for the mass start 1 hour race.

1 hour race pictures by Karen Beauchamp.

Luke Gilberts mans the timing system for the one hour TT. 

Racers line up for the one hour event. In the from row are ?, Chris Cortez, and John Morciglio.

The Cuda-W had problems, so I raced the Bluevelo Quest velomobile (Thanks Tim!) It's a bit of a squeeze to get in and out, but I'm used to that.

Andrew Bomar gets clipped into the Rose Hulman 'liner. 
Streamliner fest. 
The front line is ready to go. Front to back, ? on the trike, Jim Iwaskow on his Jester, Dennis Grelk in the Barracuda 'liner, Charlie Ollinger holding Thom Ollinger in the Coslinger 'liner, Warren Beauchamp in the Bluevelo 'liner, and John Simon in the red Moby.
Racers are off!

Left to right Dora Cortez on her Gritters lowracer, ? on the Black Max leaning trike, Dave Johnson in the White streamliner in the background, Andrew Bomar in the Rose Hulman Mark IV 'liner, and ? on Dennis Grelk's leaning trike,

There were two yellow Quests in this race. This one was raced by Bill Hannon. He had the foot holes sealed up.
Richard Meyers in GeeBee Moby Blue 
Warren in the Bluevelo Quest velomobile. This one did not have sealed up wheel holes.
Dora races by. 
Dennis Grelk races by.

The race was won by Rick Gritters, who ran at nearly 40 MPH for the hour, followed by Dennis and Thom, who ran at over 36 MPH for the hour. 

Later Saturday, Netherlands racer Thomas Van Schaik shoehorns himself into the Speedhawk II for a one hour attempt. Thomas had badly sprained his ankle a few weeks ago at the European championships, when he crashed on a sharp corner and hit a pole during a race. This did not stop him from trying to set a record!
On Sunday, Eric Ware completes a one hour TT duing the 100K/100Mile/6 hour event. 
Rich Myers 
Thom Ollinger 

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