2009 Ford Challenge Human Powered Vehicle and recumbent bicycle races

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Michigan Human Powered Speed Challenge Event Information
(formerly Ford Human Powered Speed Challenge)

Security Identification Requirements

If you have NOT participated in human powered racing events before* (including HPRA or IHPVA events), you MUST give advance notification of your willingness to attend the event as a spectator or volunteer. An email notification to the event organizer Mike Mowett is sufficient. All spectators may be expected to fulfill volunteer duties during the event. The event organizers will direct you to where help is needed. All participants, including racers and volunteers will be issued a Name badge with ID # upon their first entry to the track. The name badge may be worn on a strap lanyard to be provided. This badge should be kept with the person throughout the event. It does not have to be worn at all times if it interferes with racing or volunteer duties. It will need to be shown to the Track security upon subsequent Entry/Exit to the Proving Grounds.

*This includes some participants who we have not seen racing in a while. In other words, if you haven't raced in the past few years, please contact me to let me know who you are. We need to know who you are!

T-shirts will be for sale during the Challenge
Tentative price is $15. If you won't be at the event, but want a shirt,
please e-mail mikethebike@acd.net and include your size

Shirt design by C. Michael Lewis

Food and Water availability at track
We will not have access to running water at the proving grounds. Although we will have large jugs of water there, all participants are encouraged to fill water bottles and other containers or buy bottled water prior to coming to the track each day. Also you may want to bring food, as there are no stores or restaurants close. 

Registration fees for the Event:

$75 for the "Weekend Racers" - this includes all non-faired bikes, people looking to set personal bests, superstreet, superstock, even streamliner if you are not "serious" about setting a world record mark. They can compete in all the events for the weekend, including making one-hour runs on Saturday afternoon, evening

$200 for the "World Record seekers" - this includes streamlined bikes looking for exclusive track time meaning being out on the track with only 1 or 3 other record setters during the best times of day, early morning or late afternoon with the calmest wind conditions. They will have chase vehicles on the track during their last laps and the best timing and support from the IHPVA to see that their records are recognized.

We highly encourage you to join the IHPVA, this is a $32 annual membership. Note that IHPVA membership is required for World Record seekers.

- Additional costs of an extra rider for the same vehicle will be $20
- Additional costs of yourself riding a second vehicle will be $20

Note: These are just "break-even" ie non-profit targets if we have about 40 weekend racers + maybe 10 serious world record seekers show up.

--If "major sponsorship" money comes through then we will make a decision to offer a discount. Or money might be put towards prizes or other racer incentives.

Rules and Records:

HPRA classes and rules will be used for the multi rider events. HPRA points events include the one hour TT, 200 meter sprint, 1K standing start, 1/4 mile drag, trike race and coast down.

This event will be santioned by IHPVA for official streamliner records to be recognized, the WRRA for official stock/partial faired recumbent records to be recognized, and the UMCA for paricipants in the 100 mile event to be recognized.

The MHPVA, as the local hosts are hosting this event in place of the Waterford HPRA rally. This event will have both HPRA type events and record settings events. The HPRA two mirror rule will be requirement for mass start races.

Thursday night will be a non-mandatory meeting at local motel - to be determined, several options already lined up

Saturday and Sunday will be like a regular HPRA weekend with usual races, plus ONE-HOUR ATTEMPTS.

Imlay City is north of the Ford track along M53 / Van Dyke road which runs North-South. It is in a rural country area. The Days Inn has a Pool, Meeting room, breakfast bar.

Three rooms have hot tubs / Jacuzzi's. My thoughts are that if someone wants to rent one of these rooms, others can share (cost $129). I could not find a suitable place to stay with a Pool & Hot-tub. Others are too expensive.

I requested Ground 1st floor rooms for all. The Days Inn is off the road, on the edge of town. There are woods on one side. As opposed to other motels in more congested areas, this one has wide open space which will be
a relaxing place in the evening to work on vehicles. There is lots of grassy area.

For most vistors coming from the West-Coast / Wisconsin / Iowa / Chicago / Indiana or if coming from East-Coast / Toronto / New York / Canada to Michigan, they would take the I-69 highway to Imlay City. They do not have to go through the Detroit area. The drive time is the same as if we had stayed somewhere south of the track nearer to the Detroit area.

Event Lodging


1 Queen Size = $ 71.10
2 Queen Size = $ 81.10
1 King Size = $ 84.60

Call in with your credit card to make a reservation. Tell them you are with the Human Powered Bike Group or Ford Event. These are discounted rates.

There is a wide parking lot for vehicles to park. There are 2-lane country roads right outside the Days Inn. Practice riding can occur there if people choose. We can ride around the lot in practice. The Days Inn is about 1 block from downtown Imlay City is a town similar to Battle Mountain. Within walking distance is a Tim Hortons for breakfast and a Wendys Fast food restaurant. The town has a lumber/hardware store, groceries, fresh produce stores, general stores all within a 1/2 mile (1 kilometer) from the Days Inn.

Drive time from the motel to the Track can be up to a 30 minutes if you take paved roads. Its 21.5 miles. If you take a short-cut on a major dirt road, the travel distance is only 16.5 miles.


The only nearby campground is Addison Oaks County Park, 1480 W. Romeo Road, Leonard, which is 4.25 miles west of the Fisher Road entrance to the proving grounds. (Romeo Road becomes 32 Mile Road when it crosses from
Oakland County into Macomb County). There are 174 campsites, each with electricity, water and a picnic table,
plus modern restrooms and showers. The cost is $32 per day. Advance reservations are NOT accepted, however, once you get in, you can reserve the site for the rest of your stay. For instance, if you arrive Friday morning, you can reserve the site for that night and Saturday and Sunday nights. However, 15-site group sites can be reserved in advance if a minimum of 10 sites will be used. If you want to camp there, e-mail mikethebike@acd.net, and if at least 10 do so, I (Mike Eliasohn) will reserve a group site. Let me know which nights you will be there. For more information, go to www.oakgov.com/parksrec/ppark.

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