1997 HPRa Demonstration Race

July 12th, 1997 hpra Demonstration Race

Wakesha (not Milwaukee), WI
sponsored by Wheel & Sprocket Bicycle Stores
5 locations in the Milwaukee-Metro area

Official Results
Compiled by Len Brunkalla

I would like to thank all of the racers that made it to this event on such short notice, with poor directions, and the local lack of real street signs with names. Thanks to Dennis And Peggy Northey (POWWOW Bicycle Tours) for coordinating the race with the USCF officials and promoters. Thanks to Jerry Lee, Peggy Northey, and Dick XXXXX, for their assistance with scoring. It is especially important to thank our sponsor, the Wheel & Sprocket Bike Stores, Harry Wozniak, and Chris Kegel, for their continuing support of our sport. Lastly, thanks to the USCF Race promoters that allowed us to participate in their program.

Due to constraints of the USCF Race Program, we were forced to cut several laps from the 25 lap race originally planned. The end result was a 17 lap race, of which these are the results.

S-Mod = Super Modified Mod = Modified & Super Stock Stk = Stock & Specialty

class veh# rider laps completed place
S-Mod 40 Tyger Johnson 17 1st
S-Mod 17 Warren Beauchamp 17 2nd
S-Mod 1 Sean Costin 17 3rd
S-Mod 11 Ralph Koser 16 4th
S-Mod 60 Gary Toy 16 5th
Stk 369 Scott Thompson 16 1st
Stk 309 Randy Yocum 15 2nd
S-Mod 54 Ed Gin 15 6th
S-Mod 99 Bob Jung 14 7th
Stk 388 Bob Buerger 14 3rd
Stk 301 Bill Murphy 13 4th
Mod 177 Owen Deike 12 1st
Stk 330 Wendy Toy 11 5th
Stk 379 Ron Goyke 9 6th
S-Mod 21 P.J. Otis <1(crash) 8th
S-Mod 36 Dan Glatch <1(crash) 9th