1998 Whiteland/Mooresville HPV racing

April 25th and 26th, 1998 HPRA Racing in
Whiteland and Mooresville,  Indiana

Thanks to Kevin Christensen for the the photos

Bill Murphy racing his Tour Easy in Super-Stock class. Bill is working on a new fairing for his low racer, and will be racing the low racer in Super-Stock class in upcoming races. whiteland-billmurphy.jpg (18110 bytes)
whiteland-danglatch.jpg (7804 bytes) Dan Glatch racing the Piranha around the hairpin turn on the go-cart track in Whiteland.
Doc Pearson racing in modified class in Mooresville. I'm sure those red anodized rims make the bike go faster... whiteland-docpearson.jpg (6683 bytes)
whiteland-franklindley.jpg (6450 bytes) Frank Lindley racing in Modied class in Mooresville. Note the duct tape on Owen's fairing in the background - repair work from an earlier crash on the hairpin turn at the Whiteland race.
Jim Atchison racing the aluminum framed "The Prone" in Mooresville. This was Jim's first race weekend, and his first time racing the prone bike. whiteland-jimatchison.jpg (8170 bytes)
whiteland-joeandtess.jpg (11365 bytes) Joe Brooks and Tess Machlan racing in Mooresville. Their tandem is hard to miss...
Owen Deike racing his trike in Whiteland. Note the pink foam body work. whiteland-owendeike.jpg (5007 bytes)
whiteland-paulpancella.jpg (11735 bytes) Paul Pancella racing in Mooresville. Note the aero hand position...
Robert Wood, leaning into a corner in his Aerolope in Whiteland. Robert will be racing his new "projectile" low racer in Michigan. whiteland-robertwood.jpg (5276 bytes)
whiteland-seancostin.jpg (19816 bytes) Sean Costin, wearing his bike. Sean has made many modifications to this carbon fiber, fully reclined model for the '98 racing season including two wheel steering. I'm sure he'll have the "boy in the bubble" fairing ready for racing in Michigan.
Teresa Cheatham, racing in Mooresville on her new Lightning Stealth. Teresa would really like some other women to race against, any volunteers? whiteland-teresacheatham.jpg (10742 bytes)
whiteland-thomollinger.jpg (7305 bytes) Thom Ollinger racing the Velocipede in Mooresville. Thom is working on a new composite monocoque bike. We're all looking forward to seeing it...
Tyger Johnson leaning into the killer hairpin turn at the Whiteland go-cart track. Tyger seems to have recovered well from his encouter with a dog this past season. The dog did not recover... whiteland-tygerjohnson.jpg (9886 bytes)

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