Racing photos97
hpra Racing photos '97
Tyger Johnson in Minneapolis,Mn.
Tygers bike is an F-40 Lightning. Tyger rides the 20 or so miles to work every day, and certainly uses that to his advantage on the race course, along with his considerable experience as a UCF racer in years past.
Ralph Koser in Burlington, Wis.
Ralph's bike is a homemade front wheel drive low rider. The fiberglass fairing has evolved over the past couple of years, and is very compact. Ralph races this bike in the modified class because he can just step into it, and is still faster than most of the supermod guys. He says the reason his bike is so fast is because of something called "training"... I guess if you are retired you have lots of time to hone those mystic arts.
Robert Lafleur in Burlington, Wis.
Robert's (If you see him you better calll him "robear", as he is a French Canadian) bike is a composite monocouque, front wheel drive machine. The front sub-frame bolts to the fairing, and he sits on the floor. Robert is extremely fast, and usually laps everybody numerous times. He uses that training trick too.
Robert Wood in Burlinton, Wis.
Robert's bike has a Turner short wheel base bike with above seat steering bike inside. The body is the last of Boris' Aerolope fairings before the molds were destroyed. Robert added Coroplast panels to fill in the door holes. Robert spent the season riding in both the stock and supermod classes. He rides this bike to work down gravel roads.
Start of the stock class race in Kenosha, Wis.
Ed Gin in Kenosha, Wis.
Ed's (OK, actually Rick's) bike is an over the shoulder framed medium wheelbase rear drive extra low racer designed by Rick Wianecke. The body is a modified carbon fiber Moby fairing, with a remoulded tail, and a blown windshield.
Sean Costin in Columbus, Ohio
Sean's bike is an extreme over the shoulder design, with front wheel drive, a carbon fiber composite seat and rear frame, a mongo chainring, and a blown fairing. The fairing is so flexible that Sean rolls it up and put it in the trunk of his car. Sean is a sprinting animal. He can spin the tires on this bike when taking off.
John Simon in Waterford Hills, Mi.
John's bike is a 15 year old, long wheel base, rear wheel drive design with a fiberglass Moby body. This design, while heavy, has really withstood the test of time. John is rarely beaten.
Dan Glatch in Waterford Hills, Mi.
Dan's bike is a WISIL Missile precursor chassis, and is front wheel driven. He crammed it into an Infinity fairing. The "eyes" were added to give his feet room to crank without hitting the body. Dan has modularized the fairing to allow it to break down and fit in his compact car.
kenosh97-robertyoung.jpg (6862 bytes) Robert Young in Kenosha, Wis. Robert's bike frame is made of pop-riveted aluminum sheets. His fairing is constructed of fiberglass and coroplast.
Tom Ollinger in Kenosha, Wis. Tom's bike has a frame made of muffler pipe. The front fairing is fiberglass, and the rest is coroplast. Nice artwork! kenosh97-tomollinger.jpg (11459 bytes)
Peter Heisch and Dennis Taves in Waterford Hills, Mi.
Dennis is riding an F-40 (I think), with a homemade tail and side panels. I'm not quite sure what Peter has hidden under all that spandex.

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