Kevin Berls HPV Streamliner and Lowracer recumbent bike projects

The Kevin Berls streamliner project

Thanks to Garrie Hill for contributing the "under construction" pictures.

Kevin Berls has been an avid builder and racer for a number of years. In 1998 he raced a home-built steel framed low racer. For 1999 he built this fully suspended carbon fiber framed low racer, and raced it in several HPRA races.
In 2000, Kevin built a carbon fiber fairing for his bike. As shown in this picture the bike fits neatly in the fairing. The fairing is made from a carbon fiber / Nomex honeycomb / carbon fiber layers.
Kevin made it with two different tops, one top
will be set up for racing and the other will be set up for touring. Shown here is the racing top.
Kevin planned to race his new streamliner in the 2000 Ohio HPRA HPV races, but didn't quite get it done in time. 
HPV racers, Kevin Berls (left) and Rob Wood contemplate the intricacies of streamliner construction.
In the spring of 2001, at the Indy HPRA races, Kevin raced his new streamliner for the first time. At this venue he campaigned the primer gray streamliner with it's "touring" top.
Here's Kevin and his completed streamliner. At the June 2001 Michigan races, Kevin raced the newly painted bike in full streamliner form for the first time. This bike is immaculately finished. As the bike was designed with transportability in mind, it actually fits into the pickup truck behind Kevin.
Kevin used an ingenious spring loaded scissor jack to allow him to raise or lower the top. It's also hinged at the top of the scissor jack to allow the top to fold forward so he can get in and out easily. 
Here's Kevin racing his compact streamliner on the highly banked Kenosha, Wisconsin velodrome, during the July 2001 Cheddar Cheese Challenge HPRA HPV races.

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