Electric Assist Recumbent bicycles
 Electric Assist Recumbent Bicycles 
By Warren Beauchamp

Electric Bike Projects
lectric bike technology is evolving rapidly. Projects toward the bottom of this list are older and while the bikes are still relevant, the technology used is no longer current.

Not a recumbent, but here's the Deathbike Junior BMX e-bike.
Building a safe and powerful Battery pack using 18650 cells
Barracuda Bobber - Bobber/Chopper/Recumbent ebike.
RC Drive Tutorial - how to build an RC e-bike system
LiPo battery pack bulk charging
Addding sensors to RC motor - Make your RC motor behave at low RPM
RC Drive - E-Cuda RC Drive Upgrade
RC Drive Calculator - figure out how fast you bike will go with your motor, gears and wheel.
ZCommutor - an easy to build e-assist bike - completed
The ESC electric Hybrid bike - abandoned
Electric-Human Hybrid tandem trike - Design phase
Warren Builds the E-Cuda electric Hybrid bike - completed
Warren Builds the E-Cuda bike fairing - completed
Electric assist recumbent trike trailer - a project by Stephen J. Hardy
Dana Barlow builds a LWB Electric Hybrid
Matt Shumakers e-Typhoon hybrid electric recumbent trike project
Matt Shumakers E-cumbent hybrid electric recumbent project
Matt Shumaker builds the e-drive for everyone
John Tetz' low weight, low power e-assist drive  with Current Limiter Circuit and Spike Protection

Electric Bicycle Links

Electric bike information
Electric-Bikes.com - Great source of Electric Bike information, solutions and kits.
ElectricBike.com - Electric bike news, reviews and information
Bicycle-Power.com - "The hub of power assist"
Electricbikeexperts.co.uk - UK oriented site with good e-bike information.
Electric Bicycle Guide - It's not about replacing pedaling, it's about enhancing cycling
ElectricBikeReport.com - News, Reviews, Tips, Guides.

Electric Bike parts - trusted suppliers
Cell Man - EM3EV Custom A123 battery packs, motors, kits.
ebikes.ca - Cycle analyst, hub motors, batteries
ebikessf.com - ebike motors, parts, batteries
Hobby King - Good source of LiPo batteries
Lyen Controllers - Custom controllers and ebike electronics

Ebikes and parts

BMSBattery.com - ebike kits, motors, batteries. Good stuff, slow service, expensive shipping.
Chicago Electric Bicycles - ebike kits and assembled in USA LiFePo4 batteries
Cyclone Taiwan
Cycle9 - ebike kits
Electric Bike Sales UK
Evdeals.com - electric bikes and parts
50 Cycles - UK Based e-bike company with Casco e-bike helmets.
Golden Motors - Gas assist, but they make a cool belt drive ring.
Hi-Tech bikes - LiFePo4 batteries and motor kits.
Luna Cycles - Ebike batteries and parts
PowerWerx - Anderson connectors, wires and other high power products.

Electric Fuel Gauge
RC Data Logger to use as a Wattage measurement device
Cycle Analyst - Best e-bike power / speed measurement device
Speedict - e-bike computer that works with your Android smartphone.

Web Forums
Endless Sphere - Active web forum
V is for Voltage site - with active web forum
Electric Bikes forum on bikeforums.net

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