Electric LWB bike
Hybrid Electric LWB recumbent

By Dana Barlow

Dana contemplates the frame of the Electric bike that he's building for his dentist, Tony. Watch while the bike is designed in his head before your very eyes. Note the wide variety of donor materials Dana has collected.

Tony brought Dana two Mongoose electric bikes to use for this project. Both the 20"x20" Motocross BMX bike, and a dual 26" cruiser. Dana used parts from both to create a fully suspended LWB hybrid pedal-electric supercruiser.

Here you can see Dana has used the front steer tube and part of the frame from the BMX bike, along with it's suspension fork, wheel, and disk brake. On the back end  he used the rear triangle and motor assembly from the 26" cruiser, and integrated the rear suspension from the BMX bike. The seat is a EZ-1 seat, which mounts to the 1" square top tube.
Dana chose to go with remote steering to prevent the dreaded tiller effect. Note that the steering support is mounted at the same angle as the rake in the front fork.
Dana used chain tubes to keep Tony's pants clean as he is cruising to the office in the warm Florida sun. A small idler mounted to the rear triangle provides a bit of chain redirection.
Here's the completed bike, ready for turnover to Tony to be wired and painted.
Tony spayed a nice coat of white paint over the multicolored tubes and rust that come from re-using frame parts from various sources. over a period of time. He added fenders as well to make it more useable on those not-so-perfect days. I especially  like the locked battery box to keep it safe when parked outside.
Here you can see an additional tube that was added behind the seat to support Tony's backpack and bike lock. Very cool. Tony says that even without the motor it rides much nicer that his EZ-1.
Dana says "Tony came by with his 9T gear for the motor and wished to do as Warren did by adding an 18T instead. I looked around and found a 18T off a old 6 speed wheel. I just centered it & welded it to the old 9T and he was ready to go for zip in cost.

He called back to say it's as fast as he needs now. So that worked fine.


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