Electric Assist Recumbent bicycles
 Electric Assist Recumbent Bicycles 
By Warren Beauchamp

Electric Bike Projects
Barracuda Bobber - Bobber/Chopper/Recumbent ebike.
RC Drive Tutorial - how to build an RC e-bike system
LiPo battery pack bulk charging
Addding sensors to RC motor - Make your RC motor behave at low RPM
RC Drive - E-Cuda RC Drive Upgrade
RC Drive Calculator - figure out how fast you bike will go with your motor, gears and wheel.
ZCommutor - an easy to build e-assist bike - completed
The ESC electric Hybrid bike - abandoned
Electric-Human Hybrid tandem trike - Design phase
Warren Builds the E-Cuda electric Hybrid bike - completed
Warren Builds the E-Cuda bike fairing - completed
Electric assist recumbent trike trailer - a project by Stephen J. Hardy
Dana Barlow builds a LWB Electric Hybrid
Matt Shumakers e-Typhoon hybrid electric recumbent trike project
Matt Shumakers E-cumbent hybrid electric recumbent project
Matt Shumaker builds the e-drive for everyone
John Tetz' low weight, low power e-assist drive  with Current Limiter Circuit and Spike Protection

Electric Bicycle Links

Electric bike information
Electric-Bikes.com - Great source of Electric Bike information, solutions and kits.
ElectricBike.com - Electric bike news, reviews and information
Bicycle-Power.com - "The hub of power assist"
Electricbikeexperts.co.uk - UK oriented site with good e-bike information.
Electric Bicycle Guide - It's not about replacing pedaling, it's about enhancing cycling
ElectricBikeReport.com - News, Reviews, Tips, Guides.

Electric Bike parts - trusted suppliers
Cell Man - Custom A123 battery packs, motors, kits.
ebikes.ca - Cycle analyst, hub motors, batteries
ebikessf.com - ebike motors, parts, batteries
Hobby King - Good source of LiPo batteries
Lyen Controllers - Custom controllers and ebike electronics
Shumaker Technologies - High end electric drive systems

Ebikes and parts

BMSBattery.com - ebike kits, motors, batteries. Good stuff, slow service, expensive shipping.
Chicago Electric Bicycles - ebike kits and assembled in USA LiFePo4 batteries
Cyclone USA - Brushless motor kits
Cyclone Taiwan
Cycle9 - ebike kits
EcoSpeed - Electric mid drive kits for recumbent and mountain bikes
Electric Bike Sales UK
Electric Rider - Crystalyte hub motors & ebikes
Evdeals.com - electric bikes and parts
50 Cycles - UK Based e-bike company with Casco e-bike helmets.
GngEbike.com - BB drive motor kits and parts
Golden Motors - Gas assist, but they make a cool belt drive ring.
Greyborg USA - High powered hub motors and controllers
Headway Headquarters - Headway LiFePo4 batteries, packs, and BMSs
Hi-Tech bikes - LiFePo4 batteries and motor kits.
Luna Cycles - Ebike batteries and parts
Osnpower.com - Batteries
PowerWerx - Anderson connectors, wires and other high power products.
Enerdel Batteries - NMC Lithium batteries

Electric Fuel Gauge
RC Data Logger to use as a Wattage measurement device
Cycle Analyst - Best e-bike power / speed measurement device
Speedict - e-bike computer that works with your Android smartphone.

Web Forums
Endless Sphere - Active web forum
V is for Voltage site - with active web forum
Power Assist Yahoo group
Electric Bikes forum on bikeforums.net

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