Folding LowRacer version 2
Carbon Suitcase Bike
 by Warren Beauchamp
In 2008 I finished the foldracer, a lowracer that could be easily taken apart and put into a standard suitcase. It's a nice bike but I am always thinking about ways to improve things. The things about the foldracer that I would improve are stiffness and weight. The foldracer weighs about 30 lbs, which is not bad as a recumbent bike but makes for a heavy suitcase. The bike is great for cruising but for racing its a little flexy.
While contemplating the design of the old steel framed foldracer I envisioned a carbon fiber version, but didn't have the time or inclination at the time to build it. Seven years later I am ready to give this a shot.

This new FWD lowracer recumbent bike would be made completely of carbon fiber. It would break into several sections. Even the seat would break into two sections as a recumbent seat is too long to fit in an airline standard suitcase.
The bike will have the same riding position as the NoCom. It would be nice to have the same splitter plate as the NoCom, but that would make the seat section too big in too many dimensions.

The seat and bottom of the frame would be integrated and blended. This will make it strong, light, and provide good aerodynamics. The rear stays would bolt directly to the seat and fasten the top section of the seat to the main section.

I am hoping that due to the compact size and extensive use of carbon I can get the bike weight down to around 20 lbs.


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