The Orion Speedtrike By Raymond Gage

Orion Speedtrike

Final Assembly By Raymond Gage
Latest Trike Fairings Frame 2 Integration CasaGrande
Aug. 2, 2006 Update.
Sorry it has taken so long to update. After Battle Mountain ’05 I was pretty well toasted, then life sort of got in the way. Anyhow, I am working now toward making Battle Mountain this October.
Battle Mountain ’05:
My friend Alex, came out with me and we worked hard to try and make it happen. In the end it was just too much. I imagine that many people were probably thinking that when I showed up in the parking lot with parts, rather than a vehicle, but I just new that once I put the project away, it would be a long time before I could ramp up the effort again, and so wanted to get as much done as possible.

Here we see just how messy a streamliner’s hotel room can get!

When I showed up at the hotel in Battle Mountain, I received a lot of help from many volunteers to try and get the thing going. I’m sure I’ll forget some volunteers but here goes. Larry Lem went to work on the outrigger and cranks. Thom Ollinger put together the drive train and lent me the camera system he was going to use in the Cos’ 1.5. Warren Beauchamp went to work trying to make my crappy wheel covering material work (in between successful runs in his newly minted ‘Cuda-W). Warren also offered to let me have his spot on Hwy 305 on the last day, if I could qualify, since there were no slots left. Warren also hosts this site. I owe you big time Warren!

Sean Costin also tried to get my crappy wheel coverings to work, and helped keep us entertained late one night. The Cos’ 1.5 cameras were originally from the Coslinger Special and belong to Sean. It was fun to see my handwriting on the electrical connectors from when Larry Lem and I volunteered as Sean’s crew in ’02. Mike Mowett offered the use of his TT wheel and procured some last minute materials.
Alex Berthet helped with so much I cannot really cannot give specifics. My old friend Rick Kirk help with a lot of last minute lathe and composite work, and my wife Karen held down the fort and helped cut composite fabric, and lay up the final fairing half until late the morning of departure.
The race director, Jonathan Woolrich I felt did a very classy and highly competent job running the event, and bent over backwards to try and fit me in. Tom Novak and Chris Broome also volunteered there services as race officials to get me qualified.

In all, it was a huge effort by a great many people, and I was disappointed to not repay their efforts with at least one decent run.
The results of 2 months of sleep deprivation. Note the sleeping team member (me!) next to the fairing shell. It was about 10:00 am after yet another all nighter. Alex tells me he ran the angle grinder right next to my head and didn’t wake me.

Battle Mountain ‘06
I have since attended and helped out at the Dempsey-MacCready hour record event in Casa Grande, Arizona, and at Greg Kolodziejzyk’s 24 hour record run in Eureka California, and my enthusiasm is way up.

Larry Lem has been harassing me to get the Orion ready for WHPSC ’06, with Jim Verheul as pilot. I am ramping up my effort to make that happen, and if it does, fast things are going to happen!
Mar 25th, 2007
It’s Been a Busy Year!
I apologize for how long it has been since my last update, but it has been a very busy year. Not only did I get to attend all three big streamliner record events this year, but I got a new job and moved to a new state!

Here's my son Ethan and Orion molds during our move to Phoenix, AZ.

Streamliner Racing
Much is said elsewhere, so I will be brief. I attended the big three events of 2006, The Dempsey-MacCready Hour Record event in Casa Grande, AZ, the 200m “Top Speed” event in Battle Mountain, NV, and a special 24 Hour record in Eureka, CA. I got to witness several new world and national records, and it was a thrill.

This is Rob English in Dave Balfour’s Varna, en route to a new UK hour record in Casa Grande, AZ.

Greg K in his Critical Power, en route to a new World 24 Hour record in Eureka, CA 
Rob Hitchcock in Matt Weaver’s Kyle Edge on course at Battle Mountain, NV.
Another shot of Rob at the 2006 WHPSC
Moving House
Ironically, I was in Casa Grande, AZ in early July for Dempsey-MacCready, when I was contacted by a recruiter for a job in Phoenix, only about 30 minutes away. Several months later I had accepted a position there, and began the long, hard process of not only moving house, but also safely moving a fairly mature but incomplete streamliner project safely. With so much blood, sweat, and tears into the project, I wasn’t about to trust it to movers so I carefully bolted the fairings into the mold onto the roof of the car. Then I loaded up as much as I could and drove the almost 1000 miles from Chico, CA (my home for the last 18 years). 

Leaving the old house in Chico

Son Ethan in front of El Capitan, Yosemite, en route to Phoenix
Arriving at the new house in Phoenix  

The Orion plug’s last moments

Death of a Plug

An unfortunate fact of life when you make a lot of plugs and molds, is that sooner or later you will run out of room to store them all. This happened to me about two years ago, but I have been in denial. Well the move sort of forced upon me the necessity to get rid of my plugs since I really have no further use for them and they take up a lot of space. So I demolished both the old gray Linear 95 plug and the Orion main fairing plug.

The chainsaw sang

The remains

Casa Grande 2007

After a lot of hard work moving into the new home and settling into the new job I have continued the build again in earnest. I will be racing it at this year’s Casa Grande, event, now local for me, with Sean Costin as the pilot. I have more photo’s and descriptions of the whole process, but those will have to wait for the next update coming in a couple days. Until then,

Orion plug - I kept this one piece as a memento



Raymond Gage


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