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  GeeBee Varna Streamliner Construction

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Kevin Berls purchased the incomplete GeeBee Varna shell from Garrie in 2003, as Garrie ran into a time crunch. Kevin did a fantastic job, and first raced the bike in the spring of 2004. Unfortunately, no pictures exist of his work. Following are pictures of Kevin and the GeeBee Varna at some events over the past few years.

Kevin stands next to his new streamliner at the Indy event. He says it will be painted white. This race was the first time he had ridden it. Garrie Hill made the body, and then Kevin added the carbon fiber chassis and drivetrain, and finished it.
Kevin Berls takes his freshly painted Varna clone streamliner into a corner during the 1hour race at the Waterford Michigan races. Kevin left the door he sticks his arm out of for landing open for ventilation. Kevin said his head is still jammed up too tight against the canopy of this newly created tub bike. He says he's going to modify the seat to allow him to sit directly on the floor of the tub to give him more headroom.

At the
Morris, IL Grundy County Speedway event, Kevin shows off the elegant tilting scissor jack canopy suspension system that replaced the door he used in 2005.

This allows him to ride along with the canopy open until he's going, or for extra ventilation.

At the 2006 Indy HPV races, Kevin hangs out in his carbon fiber shelled Berls/Varna streamliner while waiting for his 200 meter sprint.
Kevin passes Gene Metcalf at the Indy races. The race ended when the rain slick velodrome caused a crash involving Kevin and Bruce Gordon. 

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