Fairing Seminar 3-28-98

The front support aluminum U shaped bracket must be riveted on with the Steel rivets, 4 is necessary. The width of the U shape is 20 inches. On the contact surface to the PVC T fitting, try to have the aluminum strap flat so that you get a good riveting surface.

Please note that it is important to make sure you have enough clearance for pedaling as demonstrated by Larry Varney. Do not pop rivet above the bottom Steve Lahey's hand because the side supports are designed to be adjustable in height on the T- Bracket. This will allow you to install this fairing on different bikes and readjust the height without making new supports......neat huh? The front support height can be raised or lowered just by changing the angle it leaves the front bottom bracket.

While the mounting system was being attended to, Regis Duffy had the front piece cut out according to the template instructions.