HPRA Reserved Numbers
HPRA Reserved Numbers
The first three number in each group are reserved for the previous year's HPRA Racing Series Champions. See the HPRA results page to find out who the current champions are. These reserved numbers are:

Streamliner - 1, 2, 3
SuperStreet - 101, 102,103
SuperStock - 201, 202, 203
Stock - 301, 302, 303 (401, 402, 403 are also reserved but are not used)
Junior - 501, 502, 503
Women - 601, 602, 603
MultiRider - 701, 702, 703

In addition, other numbers may be reserved by individual racers or teams. This reservation includes your own personal AMB transponder, and costs $100 per number reserved. Please contact Warren Beauchamp for more info. This reservation is in perpetuity, or until the racer wishes to return their transponder. This number reservation helps the HPRA by getting more transponders in service, and makes it easier for the racer as they don't have to wait in line to pick up and return their transponder every day.

The following numbers are currently reserved: 

5 Warren Beauchamp
22 Richard Myers
42 Dennis Grelk
44 Garrie Hill
160 Mike Mowett 
133 Dave Pearson
164 Bill Frey
212 Paul Bruneau
254 Chris Cortez
315 Jeff Hunn
360 Dennis Grelk
424 Frank Guyer
610 Jane Hunn
998 Tim Hicks


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