HPV Bike Projects
WISIL HPVers Bike Projects in 1997

Len Brunkalla, Ex-President of the IHPVA, and current president of the WISIL HPVers, has constructed a folding recumbent bike, which is designed to fit in a suitcase, and travel as airplane luggage. It is a rear suspension, rear wheel drive bike. The front boom folds sideways on a pivot point just in front of the head tube, and the rear triangle folds under the bike. The Seat, which also folds, comes off easily. Oh, and the handlebars fold up too. Len is designing a nose-cone which the whole bike will fit into, and will fair the rest of the bike with fabric. WISIL president, Bob Bueger raced this bike at the International HPV Speed Championships in Germany this year. This photo is of Len, checking out the rear suspension while at the races in Michigan.

Bill Murphy has finished his "low racer". It's an all aluminum, very long wheel-base (VLWB) recumbent bike, with the seat a couple inches off the ground. It is rear wheel drive, and VERY fast. I had a chance to take it for a spin around the block, and (though it always seems like you are going faster when you are that close to the ground) it seemed very efficient. He started off by building a bolt-together bike which was just the test mule for the actual bike that he is racing.
His new one is TIG welded aluminum tubing. It looks very nice in it's bare aluminum finish. He topped it off with one of Boris' carbon fiber racing seats. The whole thing is very light considering it's extreme length, weighing in at about 28 lbs. Bill has been successfully campaigning his new bike at all of the Midwest HPV racing series events this year. This photo is of Bill racing his All Aluminum racing bike in Minnesota

Sean Costin has also built a new bike for this years racing. For the past few years he has been the motive force behind the "WISIL Missile". Now he is fielding a bike of his own. This one is a very recumbent bike, with the seat slung under a monotube chassis. The tube is bent to allow room for his head. It's a front wheel drive bike with a HUGE chainring. (150 teeth?) Sean along with the WISIL skunkworks crew has fabricated a blown 2 piece lexan fairing for this bike which he will squeeze into. This is a completely new way to construct bike fairings that will revolutionize the way fairings are built. It looks very aero. Bill's basement strikes again. Very slick Sean! Sean had been racing the finished bike in the Super Modified class (sans fairing) this year, and had been having some front tire reliability problems (Lots of flats). He tried the bike out with the fairing at the races in Waterford, Michigan recently, and had some problems with the fairing dimpling in in the high cross winds. Sean reinforced the fairing the North American HPV Chamionships, and won the drag race event, as well as breaking a track record in Kenosha for the sprint event. Sean is a sprinting animal, at the 1997 Northbrook 100 1K time trial, he actual spun his tire while blazing away from the start line.

Sean and Bill demonstrating how light the blown fairing is.

Sean's bike, ready to race at the '97 North American Championships in Burlington, Wis.

Rick Wianeki and Ed Gin have completed their extra laid back, low streamliner. It is a rear wheel drive steel tube space frame bike, and is wrapped in a carbon fiber/nomex honeycomb modified Moby fairing. This Spring, they made the shell for the fairing at Garrie Hill's fairing factory in Ohio. It is made of a carbon fiber/nomex composite. Rick and Ed reshaped the rear section of the Moby fairing to remedy some aerodynamics concens. A Vivak (PETG plastic, y'know like 2 liter coke bottle stuff) canopy approximating that of a jet fighter was blown in the WISIL Skunkworks oven to top it off. Ed has been having some trials and tribulations with racing the bike this year including some collapsing landing gear problem and visibility issues. This was heightened by the fact that because of the irregular surfaces at many of our racing sites, his head was vibrated violently due to it's close proximity to the frame. Rick and Ed worked hard to solve these problems, and made a great showing at the 1997 Oakbrook 100 event at the Oakbrook velodrome. Despite some err, stability problems encountered when starting, Ed came back to place in the 100 lap event.

Rick Lounging on the bodyless bike.

Ed Gin taking a lap at the '97 NAC in Kenosha Wis.

Ed Gin currently rides his almost entirely enclosed Lightning P-38 recumbent about two hundred miles a week, rain or shine, even in the dead of winter. Ed's favorite activity is looking for fast pace lines of wedgies, sneaking up behind them, then passing them at a high rate of speed. Ed has been stopped by the police 3 times this past spring for speeding. Officer friendly informed him he was doing 41MPH in a 30MPH zone. Here's Ed during one his many 20F training rides. See Ed's web site for more pictures of "practical" fairings, rides in the Chicago area, and HPV related seminars.

Another Bill Murphy original is the Pirouette, often referred to as a "circus bike", it is a very Short Wheelbase, front wheel drive recumbent, which steers with both the front and the rear wheels. The rear wheels steer via a connecting rod to the front fork. This bike is a lot of fun to ride, and is not only stable at speed (only 1 gear), but has about a 3 foot turning radius. This baby turns on a dime.

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