Links to HPV related sites

 Links to HPV Related Sites

   HPV Organization Sites - The Recumbent Information SuperSite!
IHPVA - International Human Powered Vehicle Association site
Back Issues of HumanPower technical journal on the IHPVA site - Human Powered Boat site - Human Powered Boats in Europe
Human Powered Vehicle Operators of Ottowa
PedalPrix - Australian HPV racing series
OZHPV - Australian HPV site 
RACV Energy Breakthrough - Human powered primary & secondary school racing in Australia 
MHPVA Blog and Michigan HPV Association web site.
BHCP - British human power club
Oregon Human Powered Vehicles - Home of the National Bicycle Greenway
Ligfiets Plaza - Large Dutch Recumbent/HPV site, in Dutch.
John Folt's Tri-Corr site, with lots of Coroplast projects
  Facebook HPV related groups
World Human Powered Speed Challenge
Commutant Human Powered Vehicles
Recumbent Riders
Pedal Powered Boats
  Informational and HPV links sites
Wim Schermers's blog
Steve Green's Trike Asylum
Tim Marquardt's Whoops 160 blog - Speedbikes down under
Malric's World - French HPV racing and development (in English!)
Dennis Grelk's HPV blog
Garrie Hill's time sucking hobbies and his winkflash repository
Adventures of Greg - Greg builds streamlined HPVs to break records.
Jeff Corcoran's Tandem Ride site
Joel Dickman's Lightning Riders site
Randy's FogCom blog site
How to fix bicycles - A blog by Gerry Lauzon
Reg Rodaro's Velomobile site
HPV builders resource site - Tim Smith's resource page
Jose Hernandez' site
Recycled Recumbent - AD Carson explains how to build a tour easy clone 
History of recumbents - Interesting history and photos of recumbent bikes.
Dave "Legs Larry" Larrington's Unorthodox Bicycle Region
Bike Journal site - Keep track of your miles and exploits
  HPV related Business Sites
Bent Rider Online  - Online 'Bent magazine
VeloVision magazine
Recumbent and Tandem Magazine
Varna Hand Cycles - maker of the fastest bikes in the world.
  HPV Parts and Accessories
TerraCycle - Quality recumbent idlers, stems, fairings, and more.
Bend It Cycling - Recumbent cycle wear, gear, and equipment
Reverse Gear - Recumbent specific clothing
Bent Up Cycles - 'bents and 'bent specific parts (look under the "Web Store" link)
Power on Cycling - Recumbent bike building parts and accessories
Pro Wheel Builder - pre-built and custom recumbent wheels
Schlumpf  - Manufacturer of internal gear hubs or "Mountain drives".
Craig Vetter - 'Liner shell for motorcycle - possible HPV use?
Blue Sky Design - Low cost streamliner fairings for HPV or Electrothon trikes. 
Wicks Aircraft - Tubing, hardware and 'bent trike kit
Soller Composites - Discounted composites
  HPV Related Mail Lists and discussion boards discussion forums - HPV and recumbent bike topics
Recumbent thread on
British Human Power Forum
IHPVA HPV Mail list archives on gmain
IHPVA HPV-Boats Mail list archives on gmain

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