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I recently had an opportunity to check out Ed Gin's new Windcheeta trike, as well as some of Fred Rodriguez's recumbent and other interesting bikes. Fred's stable includes a Black "Gold Rush" replica, a Lightning P-38, and an odd linear drive upright bike.  Here's Ed cruising around Fred's basement in seach of the fabled 37MPH Bike-E. Ed plans on racing the trike this year, as well as (possibly) building a fairing for use next year. This trike is all aluminum, and weighs about 23lbs. Cool.

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The "Bop till you drop" race in Columbus, Ohio was the last hpra HPV race of the year. Garrie Hill sponsored the race, and due to his commandeering, (and threats) the event started off on time, and stayed on time. The weather was almost perfect for racing, with a temperature in the 60s (F), and light winds. The first race was a 1 mile sprint, The second was a "last man out", and the third was the "bop till you drop" 1/2 hour time trial. Sean Costin, John Simon, and Robert Wood battled in the Supermod class with John Simon taking the honors in every race in his red (ex-Encyclopedia) moby bodied bike. The Stock class racing was also exciting to watch, with Russel Dwarshuis shutting everybody out (again). I had to race my stock Vision in the supermod class as transportation (or lack of) problems forced the WISIL Missile to sit in the WISIL skunkworks facility, gathering dust.


August 23rd was the first annual WISIL "HydroBowl", a human powered boat event. It was held at Pierce lake, near Rockford, Illinois. Attendance was better than expected, with 8 participants making it to the event. These were Jake Free with his arm and leg powered hydrofoil, his wife Jenny on a catamaran, Bill Murphy on his newly constructed low rider HPB, Bob Buerger on his two man catamaran, Paul Neidermann on his hydrofoil, Alex Deike on the mini catamaran "Hammerhead", Warren Beauchamp (me) on the all composite and aluminum "Enterprise", and Jim Atchison in his "squirt" mini kayak. Len Brunkalla did not get his HPB finished in time for the event. Though the day started early, it took MUCH longer to set up the buoys than anticipated, and the races did not get started until after noon. While doing some test runs on the "Enterprise", I broke it again. I have had 3 major failures in the past two years, all attributed to using composite material (foam, fiberglass and flox) in high stress areas of the drivetrain. You'd think I would learn... The first race was the 100 meter event. It was exciting seeing the hydrofoil craft skimming along the water. Jake's arm and leg powered craft, though jittery won the event handily. Close behind was Bob's two person catamaran, with Sean Costin acting as "stoker". After lunch was the slolom event, which was won by Bob, with his friend Peter (who helped him build the boat) as stoker. In second place was Jim in his kayak, followed closely by Alex on the "Hammerhead". Next was the 2K event, won again by Bob, with me as his third stoker of the day. The last event was the static pull test. Paul won that one followed by Bob's boat. Trophys were awarded to the top three performers overall. Thanks to Len Brunkalla for finding some sailing trophys to recycle, and for having them re-labeled for the event. Though it was a long day, the event was a success, and everyone had a good time.


The WISIL crew recently had an opportunity to star in a segment of the Chicago based TV series "Ben Loves Chicago". The shows host, Ben Hollis, goes around finding odd people, businesses, and places in the Chicago metroplex, and does short segments highlighting the interesting aspects (and often making fun of or with) of the people involved. The Saturday morning that we were supposed to do the shoot was rainy, and I thought that it may not happen, but when I arrived there was a good turnout, and Ben Hollis and crew (OK, one crew) were there to interview and film us. We did some interviews, high speed chases (Ben with camera following in the car), and a silly scene where a group of 'bent riders pull over Ben for driving too slow, and give him a hard time. The show airs on Chicago's Channel 50 at 11:00PM on Sunday night. It will run in the fall '97 season.

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