Wayne Shook's HPV Shell Designer
  HPV Shell Designer

A program by Wayne "Shooky" Shook

HPV Shell designer is a Windows application to aid in the design of a fairing "shell" for human powered vehicles. It can be used for recumbent or upright bikes and trikes. It has sections to create a user defined scale human, and other section to create the vehicle chassis, and a third section to create the fairing. This allows the intrepid designer to create a fairing that is sized correctly for the human and vehicle that it will be enclosing. It has been designed to be very intuitive and easy to use. Once the fairing is created ribs or strips can be exported and printed to allow an easy creation of the actual shell using a variety of techniques.

HPV Shell designer is free to use and was generously created and polished by Wayne as his way of contributing to the HPV community.

To install the software, download HPV shell Designer Installer.msi and
setup.exe (Version, updated 5/2016)
By downloading this software product you consent to the terms of the Software Disclaimer

Note that if you have previously installed this app, you should remove the previous version with windows add/remove before installing the new version. Removing the old app version will not remove the fairing files you have created.
After you have downloaded the two files, run setup.exe to install the application.

Note that the interface has changed since the previous version, please see below for directions.

Here are YouTube videos by Wayne explaining how to use the application:

A quick start guide to using HPV Shell Designer

Change the size of the rider
* Click the Designer menu, then Rider.
* Click on each body part and change the length, then hit enter to make the change stick
* Left click on the hips and drag to move the entire rider
* Right click on a body part and and drag to change the angle of each limb
* Click Export to make the changes show up in the Frame and Rider editors
* Click File - Save Project As, and save your project with a unique name

Design the frame
* Click the Designer menu, then Frame.
* Drag wheels, frame tubes cranks and a seat from the widget box onto the main window
* Left click on each part to change the size, width, etc.
* Use the grid to ensure the parts are in the correct locations.
* Click Export
* Save

After the frame is designed, go back to the rider designer and move the rider into position on the frame.

Design the shell.
* Click the Designer menu, then Shell.
* Make sure the tug marks and rider box check boxes are checked
* Click the blue boxes (tug marks) and drag to change the shell - Note that the tug mark will turn red when it is active
* Hold right click and drag to change the viewing angle of the entire body
* If you rotate the shell so you are looking at it from the front, you can drag the tugs by the torso sideways to make the fairing wider or narrower.

Add a canopy
* Turn on the Canopy and Canopy Tugs in View Controls.
* Drag the canopy into place with the tugs. You will need to reposition the to view it from the front to adjust the canopy width.
* Use the two upper rear fairing tugs to pull the rear of the fairing up until it properly fairs the rear of the canopy.

Calculate shell size
* You can click Shell Size, Analyze to find the length, height, width and frontal area of your shell.
* Note that the canopy is not included in these calculations.

Changing colors
* Use the color wheel to the right of the menu bar to change the fairing color.
* Use the grey scale to the right of the color wheel to adjust the fairing transparency.

Generate, view and print ribs
This option allows you to generate ribs that can be used to lay fairing strips over.
* Click "File", "Export", "CNC, SVG, PNG Files".
* Click the "Create Ribs" button to generate the ribs.
* View the ribs by clicking the "Ribs" check box.
* Click Output, then Create PNGs to create printable bitmap files that can be used to make the ribs.
* Click the "View Output" button to find the generated rib patterns.
* Save often, there is no undo!
Note: "If you get a an error pop-up box when exporting PDFs, click the [Install VC++] button to install the required libraries from Microsoft."

Generate, view and print strips
This option allow you to generate strips that can be used to build a Coroplast fairing.
* Click "File", "Export", "CNC, SVG, PNG Files"
* Note that the strips shown are for 1/2 of a fairing. Make two of each strip for a complete fairing.
* Click the "PDFs" checkbox to generate PDF files of each strip.
* Click the "Create Strips" button. Note that it takes a while to render the PDFs.
* The PDFs have a grid, so they can be printed to scale on an 8.5x11 laserjet printer (tape a bunch of sheets together). Alternatively they can be printed in large format at a copy shop.
* Click the "View Output" button to find the generated strip patterns.
* Once this is done, the animated shell will show the strips, so you can see what it will look like.
* Make adjustments and regenerate the PDFs as needed.
* Save often, there is no undo!

Kamm Functionality
The Kamm functionality can be used to create a front fairing, tailbox, or to chop the fairing off to create a truncated Kamm effect fairing.
* Click the "Kamm" checkbox in view controls to view the Kamm cutoff
* Click and drag with the left mouse button to drag the Kamm cutoff around.
* Click the Kamm button to toggle the Kamm cutoff.
* Click the left Kamm button to truncate the fairing in front of the Kamm cutoff.
* Click the right Kamm button to truncate the fairing behind the Kamm cutoff.
* Click the "Plug the Kamm" checkbox to kill in the space where the fairing is cut off.


Create an animated gif from the animation
Maybe you want to show your buddies the fantastic vehicle you have designed.
* To do this you need to record the animation and save it it as an animated gif. This allows you to view the animation in a web browser.
* I downloaded a free application called "KickMyGraphics" to do this. It works nicely.

Visit the recumbents.com forum to ask questions about HPV Shell Designer


Here's an example of a streamlined recumbent shell design create with HPV Shell designer.
Here's an example of the shell rotated so that you can see it from the top
Here's an example of the shell with generated ribs shown
Camera bike version with dual 20" wheels
Head-out trike showing strips to be used to create fairing using Coroplast or other thin, flexible materials.
Here's the trike with a canopy.

Trike Animation


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