Goliath Bottom Fairing
Goliath Bottom Fairing

A project by Larry Lem

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Apr 08, 2008
I made two partial bottoms (without tails) from the Beluga female molds.
The Beluga fairing began to taper towards the rear starting at the seat. I'd have to cut the tails off of each piece and replace them with a straight section.
Lower fairing mount glassed into front fairing (rear fairing mounts are identical) 
Lower front fairing rear mount, just behind front wheel 
Jul 08, 2008
Bottom front and rear fairings attached to frame 
I intended to make a 3-piece bottom fairing. For the center bottom, I decided to make a plug, a female mold, then the final part. I started with the Beluga bottom mold and layed up two more partial bottoms in the fairly-straight section of the mold to create the plug. 
Adding and sanding Bondo until smooth 
Primered, ready for polyvinyl alcohol (PVA, mold release) and wax 
I layed up a female mold over the plug, similar to Beluga mold construction. 
I then layed up a center bottom part in the female mold using fiberglass and Kevlar. 
Aug 08, 2009
Bottoms removed from the frame, center bottom trimmed to fit. 
I added angle brackets to the center bottom fairing and front and rear bottom fairings, but could not force the surfaces at the joints between the three pieces to align. I decided to permanently connect the three sections together and make one long, unwieldy bottom fairing. This photo shows one joint covered in fiberglass and epoxy. 
For the outer surfaces of the joints, I used 2-part foam, then covered that in fiberglass. The fiberglass was very difficult to sand compared to Bondo. I resorted to using a belt sander. 
Foam sanding complete on one joint 
Bottom fairing to frame mounts 
Potential tail extension? 
I made another bottom plug from the Beluga mold to help make other fairing parts. The plug has been layed up with fiberglass and epoxy, and I'm adding foam and plywood bulkheads for stiffness. 
Styrofoam plug covered with Bondo that will be used for the rear wheel fairing plug. 
Aug 08, 2008
Attaching rear wheel fairing plug to bottom plug 
Smoothing with Bondo 
Covered in fiberglass to make a female mold 
 Rear wheel fairing female mold
The plug cracked during removal of the rear wheel fairing female mold. After staring at it in horror for 3 seconds, I hammered and chiseled the entire plug from the bottom as I needed to use the bottom plug to create the front wheel leading edge fairing plug.
Rear wheel fairing from female mold with wheel hole cutout 
The trailing edge fairing for the front wheel would be on a flat section of the fairing, so I used a piece of plywood as a base for that plug.  
Bondoing the plug until smooth 
I made the leading edge plug on the bottom plug so that it would follow the curving contour of the fairing. Front wheel leading & trailing edge fairing plugs done. 
Front wheel fairing female molds removed from plugs, untrimmed 
Front wheel leading and trailing edge fairings made from the female molds 
Frame misalignment caused the rear wheel to be off-center, leading me to mount the rear wheel fairing off-center on the bottom fairing. 
Sep 08, 2008
Bonding wheel fairings to bottom fairing 
Front wheel leading edge fairing trimmed and glassed onto the bottom fairing. Same for trailing edge wheel fairing. 
Rear wheel fairing glassed onto the bottom fairing 
Adding Bondo until smooth

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