Goliath Launch Cart and Truck Rack
Goliath Launch Cart and Truck Rack

A project by Larry Lem

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I considered the following three items to be essential for a successful launch.
1. Get the bike up to 10 mph before release.
2. Have the bike perfectly upright when released.
3. Have the bike in the middle of the road, pointed in the right direction when released.

I made a self-supported launch cart to take the balancing task away from the launcher. (no yelling, no miscommunication, no "blame" for falling over) I bought 12" wheels from Northern Tool & Equipment, 1.5" square tubing for the main frame, 1" square tubing to connect the wheels, and 2" flat bar for the hoop. Here, I'm bending the flat bar to match the fairing profile. 
Wheels and frame 
Cart almost done. I wrapped the hoop with pipe insulation, and welded on loops to attach straps. 
Test fit of launch cart on bike 
Meanwhile, I was making a truck rack.  
Four body support halves. Not very interesting but still using up a lot of time. 
I didn't want to pull or store a trailer, so I drilled holes in the bed and mounted 2x8s, 12 feet long. 
CA law permits 3 feet of max overhang, so I added LED trailer lights and moved the license plate to the end of rack. 
Loading up at Tom's house on the way to Battle Mountain. 
Though the load was light, the moment-arm was long and we had to re-aim the headlights. 

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