Goliath Tail
Goliath Tail

A project by Larry Lem

Concept Frame Bottom Fairing Top Fairing Cart-n-Rack Tail Battle Mountain
The fairing was 13 feet, 2 inches long. With 2 weeks to go before Battle Mountain, I decided to add a foot to the tail for a more gradual taper. 
I planned on adding tails to the tops and bottoms separately and used a plastic sign as a border for the plugs. The poured foam on the bottom looks like an eagle. 
Smoothed foam 
Flipped, adding foam to top. I changed my mind and decided to make a 1-piece plug and didn't need the sign border. The plastic sign did help me control the shape of the sides when sanding. 
Carving foam, adding foam filler 
Adding Bondo for a harder finish 
Rear view of completed tailfairing plug 
Tail pointed upwards to make the female mold 
Fiberglass and epoxy for the female mold 
Female molds and new tailfairing parts 
Suffice to say, attaching the tails aligned in 3 axes was very difficult. Alignment is my worst enemy. Time wouldn't be a problem if I aligned things perfectly the first time. 
Not shown, filling in joints with fiberglass, adding Bondo as needed at the end. 
Fairings assembled. It reminded me of the Yellow Submarine. It did not fit under a 10x10 foot canopy. 
Primered. I tried to mix some color as a tint to a few sample drops, but it didnít take. I didn't know what to use and didn't want to screw up the gun or the paint, so I bailed on the tint. 
Still shown primered, I painted them white the next day. It is dumb to paint white on white as you can't tell what you're covering with the paint. (Didn't I learn that last year?) 

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