Larry Lem builds the Scimitar Speedbike
Scimitar Speedbike

Pictures and Text by Larry Lem

Plug Molds Fairing/Frame Canopy Paint WHPSC 2009

August 2009

I decided to keep the top fairing intact for another use and cut the top crash panel to see where my head should stick out. 
I used the Beluga top female mold to make a canopy. I cut it down to it fit just right on the Scimitar. 
I thought about attaching the canopy to the existing top fairing, but that would be a mess. I decided to modify the plug, make a female mold, then a new top. 
Canopy faired into the plug with hot glue, plywood and Bondo. 
I painted the new plug section with primer and found all of the not-so-smooth areas. 
I then painted it white with a spray can whose color didn't match the rest of the plug. The rear view looks amazingly good. 
Front view of plug with canopy. As I was determing canopy height, I found that I could see out the nose if my eyes were in line with the top of the fairing. I thought I might still attach the nose window so I didn't fill in the nose of the plug (This was a mistake.). 
I made the new top female mold following the same steps as before. 
New top fairing with integral canopy from female mold 
Comparing the top female molds of the Beluga and Scimitar. This was very encouraging.

September 2009

 Fairings ready for primer  
Fairings covered in MAXX FILL 2K High Build Urethane Primer from Supposed to be high fill, but it sprays better when thinner (of course), so it didn't fill all of the tiny holes in the fiberglass weave that didn't get filled with epoxy during the layup. 
I used Bondo to fill most of the tiny holes 
Wet sanding the Bondo on the primer 
Aqua Pearl Metallic Acrylic Urethane from $75 for a gallon; I only used a pint. Maybe I'll paint my neighbor's cat. It turned out a lot darker and greener than I expected. 
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