Bacchetta 20 rebuild

Bacchetta Giro Dual 20" Rebuild

Many years ago Mike Kring gave me a Bacchetta Giro frame, front fork and seat. The frame had a crack that needed to be fixed. This year I decided to fix the crack and build up the bike using as many parts bin parts as possible. I decided to use 20 inch wheels and added a disk brake to the front fork.

Here's the frame which needs a small repair, a RANS seat, wheels that need rebuilding with disk brake hubs, a 650C fork and a baccetta handlebar. I'll need to add a CF disk brake tab to the CF/aluminum front fork too. I don't have to build a frame, so it should go together quickly-ish. Looks like I will need a BB, wheels brakes/shifters, Seat bracket, seat stays, etc.

I deconstructed the wheels above to re-use the rims, and had a set of disk brake hubs in the parts bin. After ordering the wrong spokes due to using hub diameter instead of radius in my calculations, I found some spokes in my parts bin that worked fine.

Here's the frame with the completed wheels and brake rotors

Here's the crack in the frame, right in front of the right side rear chain stay. I can fix that!

To fix it, I ground off the powder coating around the area with my angle grinder, and then brazed it up with the silver brazing rod.

I found some blue spray paint that was sort of close to Bacchetta blue, but it was too cold in the garage and it looks funky. I'll have to fix that in the spring.

Avid BB7 disk brake calipers arrived from ebay.

I clamped the disk brake calipers to the rotor to ensure they lined up properly, and then cut away the CF fork until the bracket was in the right place.

I used some JB weld to attach the disk brake. I will use several layers of CF to attach the bracket to the fork. I roughed up the fork to give the epoxy some good tooth to adhere to.

Here's the fork after laying up the CF. I used soft foam and electrical tape to ensure the layup was  compressed. I'll do some cleanup and sanding outside when it gets warm, and spray it with some clear coa to make it pretty.

Joel was kind enough to send me a bottom bracket, which worked well with the 165mm MTB cranks that I already had. Mounted up the brake calipers, installed the headset and assembled the handlebars.

I ordered a BMX chainring with holes for both the 110mm BCD MTB cranks and the 63T chainring that I had in by parts bin forever, which I thought was road bike size - 130 BCD. After getting the adapter ring I saw that it was a bit off and it turned out the the 63T chain ring was a Campy 135mm BCD ring. Ugh. I then needed to drill a new set of holes in the adapter ring in precisely the right places to mount the ring. It was a bit of a project to make the adapter work with the Campy chainring but it turned out well.


  • Ordered a new used SRAM rear deraillure from Ebay.

  • Found enough 9spd chain segments in my box-o-chain to build a whole chain.

  • Ordered lower seat mount from Bacchetta.

  • Found tubing and clamps in parts box for rear seat stays.

  • Found a small fenner pulley and a skate wheel idler and mounted them up to use as idlers.

  • Found a front derailleur in the parts bin and shimmed it to the tube with some PVC water pipe tubing.

Added brake handles and shifters from the parts bin, added cables.
Made an idler keeper from some aluminum strap. Did a bunch of tweaking.Test rode in the basement. It's a bike!

The chain didn't work well with the BMX ring so I took the rings back off of the crank and filed down the BMX ring teeth as they were too wide. Works great now.


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