Interbike 2009 - Electric bikes

by Warren Beauchamp - 9/2009

Interbike 2009 had a huge number of electric bikes.

This is an electric unicycle. It weighed about 20 lbs. It had an attitude sensor in it that sped it up when you leaned forward and slowed down when you leaned back. 15 MPH top speed. 

All of the bikes were limited to 15 or 20MPH top speed, and most had 250 watt or smaller motors. They all used Lithium batteries of some sort. Mostly LiFePo4.

Achiver made electric folding bikes for commuting. These all had motors driving the crank. This one has a removable battery pack under the rack.
 This one was tiny.
Many of the bikes were cruiser comfort bikes. Sorry about the flash on the reflective sidewalls... 
Most just had the batteries mounted on rear racks, but some had the batteries mounted in the frame.
The last type of electrc bike was Mountain bike style. This EMoto model had a rear hub motor.
Here's a nice example of a cruiser with a hub motor and rack battery.
The Optibike had a unique 400 watt 36V motor built into the bottom bracket. The hollow aluminum  frame housed the battery and controller.
Here's the drive unit, which they said they would sell separately. 
IZip had a bunch of models, but this one looked very clean, The batteries are in the frame, and it has a small front hub motor. 
One more electric bike. 

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