swb highracer
Here's the bike in 2006
Fits: 42" or less X-seam
Weight: 30 lbs
Wheels: Narrow racing 700C Aero wheels
Gearing: 3 front, 7 rear.

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* 2" OD chrome moly frame
* Paramont front fork
* Dura-Ace front hub with Matrix ISO C-11 aero rim
* CODA 175mm triple crank set
* Flip-it style handlebar stem
* Shimano st-mc18 8 spd integrated thumb shifters and brakes
* Shimano Deore XT rear derailure
* Shimano 105 rear hub with Alex R-390 deep dish rim
* 7 speed Shimano rear cluster
* Shimano caliper brakes rear, Dia comp calipers up front.
* M5 carbon fiber seat with foam pad
* Chrome moly steel frame
* Fenner chain idlers