2000 Indianapolis HPRA HPV recumbent bike races
Indy 2000 HPRA Racing pictures

Pictures and commentary from the April 29th & 30th, 2000 HPRA HPV races. Racing took place at the Indianapolis Major Taylor velodrome on Saturday, and at Pioneer park, in Mooresville, IN on Sunday. Thanks to Garrie Hill, R.D. Stockinger, and Jeff Hunn for their contributions to the photos below.

indy2000-rdstockinger.jpg (23025 bytes) R.D. Stockinger with his latest low racer, the "Alley Cat". It has a Garrie Hill carbon fiber seat, 16" front wheel, 20" rear wheel, Shimano roller brakes, and a Shimano Biopace Eliptical chain ring.
Thom Ollinger works on his fairing in preparation for the race. Some yellow bike lurks in the background. indy2000-thomollinger-b.jpg (5961 bytes)
indy2000-raybrick.jpg (9187 bytes) Ray Brick holds the mini-low-racer that he built for his wife Sharie. He had just completed it the day before the races. It weighs an incredible 18.5 lbs, and only has 12 spokes in the rear wheel. Ray, as usual has done a beautiful job on this bike. Rumor has it that he has a matching one in the wings for himself...
Dave "Doc" Pearson, and Sean Costin warm up in preparation for the 600/200 individual time trials. Doc and Sean both raced in Interlochen, Switzerland this past summer. indy2000-docandsean.jpg (11204 bytes)
indy2000-kevinberls.jpg (17517 bytes) Kevin Berls built this suspended carbon fiber low racer a couple years ago, and has campaigned it successfully. A very pretty bike.
Jeff Hunn and his wife, cruise out of the paddock area on their Double Vision. There were 3 tandems racing on this day. Jeff brought a TourEasy clone, and a Rans Rocket for some friends to race as well. indy2000-jeffhunn.jpg (8519 bytes)
indy2000-warrenbeauchamp2.jpg (6309 bytes) In the foreground of this melange we have Warren Beauchamp looking at his Barracuda, Thom Ollinger looking at his tub bike, and Thom's friend with his Coroplast flouescent nosed racer.
Wendy Toy, on her Lightning Stealth,  prepares for the stock class race. Wendy came prepared to race against the men if there weren't any women to compete against. The men were spared.... This time. indy2000-wendytoy.jpg (9177 bytes)
indy2000-charlie&Bill.jpg (6357 bytes) Bill Lozowski (top)  and Charlie Ollinger cruising by (albeit at different speeds) during the stock bike race. Bill is riding his customized Presto SWB, and Charlie is riding a custom LWB 'bent, built by his dad, Thom.
Here's Sharie Brick on her brand new mini-low racer. indy2000-shariebrick.jpg (12955 bytes)
indy2000-thomollinger.jpg (9471 bytes) Here's Thom Ollinger in his streamlined "tub" bike. Thom modified it with a more upright seat angle this year to improve the handling. He is working on a new long wheelbase lowracer, as well as a slew of other HPV projects in his "Dark World" labs.
This is my Barracuda streamliner resting comfortably on it's landing gear. More Info indy2000-barracuda.jpg (6030 bytes)
indy2000-garriehill.jpg (8066 bytes) It's Garrie Hill, HPRA co-dictator, taking his Tai Fun (typhoon) mid-racer for a warm up lap. Garrie added a very nice tailbox for this venue.
Here's Rich Sadler on his Medium wheelbase bike. This year Rich added an aluminum framed, heat molded foam tailbox, which looks pretty slick. Rich has raced this bike for over 4 years, but keeps it bare metal in case he wants to make a modification... indy2000-richsadler.jpg (6875 bytes)
indy2000-445.jpg (13012 bytes) Here's #445 racing on a Rans Rocket
indy2000-garytoy.jpg (10644 bytes) Gary Toy races Garrie Hill's ZOX 20x20 low racer during the "short" race.
John Liam races Garrie Hill's Greenspeed trike. indy2000-johnliam.jpg (10805 bytes)
indy2000-seancostin.jpg (8908 bytes) Sean Costin on his Monkey Hand. Sean is working on a new "perimeter bike", which may be another ground breaking low racer design.

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