Bryant Tucker 100 and Cheddar Cheese Challenge HPRA HPV races

Bryant Tucker 100 and Cheddar Cheese Challenge
July 15 & 16th, 2000 HPRA HPV races in Northbrook, IL and Kenosha, WI.

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The Northbrook velodrome is a 333 meter moderately banked oval, and the Kenosha track, is somewhat smaller, around 200 meters, but with highly banked corners. 

I was somewhat apprehensive about racing the new Barracuda fully faired streamliner, as the high heat and humidity normally present during midwestern summers makes racing unpleasant, if not death-defying. Imagine laying in a coffin in the full midday sun, while you are cranking away at a high rate, and you get the picture. Fortunately the temperature was in the lower 80s, and the humidity was low. 

Turnout was great, partially due to the Chicago Tribune article of a couple weeks ago. We had 50 racers on Saturday, and a peak crowd of about 200 spectators. In the morning we did 1 kilometer individual time trials. Sean Costin posted the fasted time in the stock class, in his newly modified, completely reclined "Monkey Hand" low racer, and Rob Wood posted the fastest time in the faired classes in his vetran Coroplast bodied streamliner. Since the time trial was the first time I had taken the newly faired 'Cuda out on the track, I was a bit apprehensive about taking the turns as speeds higher than 33MPH, so my time was mediocre. Giles Poirier, in his immaculately finished streamliner crashed and slid when he lost control while shifting and caught some air over an imperfection in the track. He was fine but his paint job was abraded. 

In the afternoon we did the Tucker 100 lap race in the faired classes. After about 20 laps, Rob Wood, racing in the "Unlimited" class lapped me, but by that time I was getting into my groove, and feeling better about the corners, so I upped the speed from 33MPH to 37MPH. I was feeling good and the NACA duct was blowing plenty of air on my face to keep me cool. I unlapped myself, and by about lap 75, I was attempting to put a lap on Robert Wood. I finally got by him when I got hit by a gust which knocked the bike around, and knocked my chain off. ERG! The amazing thing was that I still finished in 3rd place in the streamliner class. Giles finished first, and Thom Ollinger finished 2nd. Ralph Koser took 1st place in SuperStreet, in his open cockpit mini streamliner. 

The last race of the day was the Tucker 50 lap race for the non-faired and SuperStreet riders. There were more low racers than I had ever seen. Sean Costin took the lead, and proceeded to lap the field, while Alan Arial posted a strong second place. At the end of the race Alan got tangled up with a sprinting road rider causing him to crash. He walked away with some minor road rash. 

At the Kenosha races on Sunday, I learned that Rob Wood and Garrie Hill had acquired Giles Poirier's streamliner, and that Rob would be racing it. Just when I thought I had an edge on him! We had another record turnout, with 40 racers, but hardly any spectators. The 600/200 individual TTs had about the same results as the previous day, as did the 1/2 hour mass TT, except this time my chain stayed on, and I placed 1st in streamliner class. Rob Wood, in his new streamliner, won the Unlimited class.

 The last race of the day was the "last man out" (or "devil take the hindmost"). Always a fun race, this time there were enough people to have a separate race for each class. Results were predictable except for Ralph Koser crashing on the highly banked turn. He slid for a while, then rolled (the streamliner rolled over him). It looked scary, but besides some scuffed paint, he was fine. The crash was attributed to a half flat front tire. 

Thanks to the race directors Sean Costin, Bill Murphy, and Dan Glatch for their work in preparing for the events, and to everyone who helped out.

The Pictures

northbrook2000-200msprint.jpg (12141 bytes) Matt Stonich checks out the long line of racers lined up for the individual 1K sprints. Truly an amazing collection of 'bents...
James Rick poses with his Lightning version of the M5 monoblade fork and "luggage" carbon fiber tailbox. He said he originally bought it for riding on the street, but found that it was a handfull in the situations that can arise there. The same qualities that make in difficult on the street, make it a very fast racnig bike. northbrook2000-210.jpg (11555 bytes)
northbrook2000-460.jpg (12006 bytes) Mike Nelson, on vacation from Colorado, racing his homebuilt low racer. His 3 children also competed in the junior class races.
AA, on his aluminum framed Challenge Jester low racer with aero wheels and disk brakes placed a strong 2nd place in the distance races. northbrook2000-alanariail.jpg (11152 bytes)
Alex Shapiro, in his first HPV event, on the Barcroft lowracer prototype, battles it out with Sean Costin, on his Monkey Hand. 

Picture by Garrie Hill.

Bill Lozowski, on his Challenge Jester, pulling off the track after his 1K run northbrook2000-billlozowski.jpg (11443 bytes)
northbrook2000-billmurphy.jpg (9728 bytes) Bill Murphy on his home built aluminum long wheelbase low racer during his 1K sprint.
Bob Buerger on his home built MWB racer. This race was just a warm up for Bob, who planned to ride in the all night long "LATE" ride later that evening. northbrook2000-bobbuerger.jpg (14588 bytes)
northbrook2000-charlieandcuda.jpg (9768 bytes) Charlie Ollinger does a back flip in front of Warren Beauchamp's freshly painted Barracuda III streamliner.
Dave Krafft in his new Carbon fiber, blown bubble, and Coroplast  SuperStreet racer. This bike uses his Carbon fiber low racer as the chassis. northbrook2000-davekrafft.jpg (9069 bytes)
northbrook2000-gilespoirier.jpg (8403 bytes) Giles Poirier of Quebec picks up in his meticulously constructed and finished monocoque sreamliner speed during his 1K time trial
Giles Poirier being extracted from the streamliner after the race northbrook2000-gilespoirier2.jpg (10420 bytes)
northbrook2000-jamibrunkalla.jpg (9741 bytes) 10 year old Jami Brunkalla, on a low racer built by her dad Len, makes her way around the velodrome
Jim Curry, in the Moby Mark III, after some initial starting difficulties, brings the bike up to speed for the 1K TT. northbrook2000-jimcurry.jpg (7608 bytes)
northbrook2000-mattstonich.jpg (7952 bytes) Matt Stonich on his homebuilt MWB bike, which for this year was newly reconfigures as a low racer, runs the 1K TT
Ralph Koser in his mini streamlined low racer led the pack in the Superstreet class. He fits this bike in the back of his Cavlier station wagon. northbrook2000-ralphkoser.jpg (8986 bytes)
northbrook2000-thomollinger.jpg (10500 bytes) Thom Ollinger cruises past the stands during the 1K TT, in his "tub" bike. Thom rides this bike on the street, and recently startled an amish horse and took a trip into a ditch rather than get kicked. Thom and the bike, though slightly injured, both recovered.
Wayne Estes grimacing through the last few meters of his 200. Wayne is racing his Ross Speed Bike, with an unusually long tail box. northbrook2000-wayneestes.jpg (10244 bytes)

The start of the Bryant Tucker 100 lap race for the faired classes. Picture by Garrie Hill.

northbrook2000-stockrace.jpg (30200 bytes)
The start of the Stock/Superstock/Womens/Junior Bryant Tucker 50 lap race

Giles Poirier takes a break in the shade, with his fairing open for inspection. northbrook2000-gilespoirier3.jpg (13433 bytes)
kenosha2000-275.jpg (8903 bytes) John Olson, on his Rotator with thin mylar over lightweight alumin tube tailcone, during the sprints in Kenosha
Garrie Toy,on his 25lb Optima Baron aluminum lowracer, catches his breath after the 600/200 meter sprint. kenosha2000-garytoy.jpg (14895 bytes)
kenosha2000-huns.jpg (9061 bytes) Jeff and Jane Hunn pour on the power during their 200 meter sprint
Jeff Caswell on the "Luge Bike". Jeff plans on constructing a paper mache fairing for this bike. He was a strong comptitor in the stock class races. kenosha2000-jeffcaswell.jpg (7925 bytes)
kenosha2000-nan.jpg (10906 bytes) Nan Hamilton runs the 200 meter TT on her EarthCycles Sunset low racer. There were an amazing 3 competitors in the womens class for these races. Wendy "maneater" Toy dominated the womens class events.
Bruce Gordon runs the 200 meter on his Sunset low racer. No, you are not seeing double. There were 3 different Sunset low racers raced this weekend, the third being a beautiful green number raced by the builder, Shean Bjoralt. kenosha2000-revbruce.jpg (9819 bytes)
kenosha2000-rich.jpg (13458 bytes) A candid shot of Richard Myers, and his streamlined homebuilt. Rich has exceeded his expectations by being able to average over 25MPH on the street in this vehicle, so now he's going for 30.
Sean Costin, ultra fast dude, on his reconfigured monkey hand ultra laid back low racer. He lengthened the bike by a couple feet this year to add the 700C rear wheel, and some rear suspension.Sean won all the stock class races... kenosha2000-seancostin.jpg (7872 bytes)
kenosha2000-tomporter.jpg (8288 bytes) Tom Porter on his light weight low racer, runs the 200 meter TT.

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