Ohio 2000 HPRA HPV and recumbent bike racing pictures
2000 Ohio  HPRA HPV racing pictures

The races were Oct  21st and 22nd, 2000 at the Columbus Motor Speedway on Saturday, and at the Circleville Go-Cart track on Sunday. Click here for the Race Report.

Movie clips from Garrie Hill:  Streamliners -  Warren, Rob & Theron    Sharie & Ray Brick    SuperStock racers

Thanks to Bill Cook for the pictures below!

Rob English, on his Optima Baron, Sprints around the track during the Columbus Motor Speedway 1 lap individual TT. Rob was fast man of the day, averaging close to 30MPH on the 1 hour lap race. Rob also won 1st place streamliner category during the 2000 European HPV championships, in the Kingsbury K2 streamliner. (Does anyone have pictures of the K2?) ohio2000-robenglish.jpg (20191 bytes)
ohio2000-bryanball.jpg (18096 bytes) Bryan Ball sprinting on another Optima Baron (There were at least 3 present). Check out Bryan's online HPV magazine, Bentrider Online.
Gary Toy waits his turn, on his Super Stock class Lightning Stealth. Gary and His wife Wendy both won the overall $100 1st place prize in their category for the weekend's racing. ohio2000-garytoy.jpg (21046 bytes)
ohio2000-alexshapiro.jpg (22334 bytes) Alex Shapiro on the Barcroft lowracer prototype, giving it all he's got during the 1 lap TT. In the background, other racers wait in line for their turn.
Bruce Gordon, on his Earthcycles Sunset lowracer races with the largest tailbox known to mankind. ohio2000-brucegordon.jpg (16717 bytes)
ohio2000-georgereynolds.jpg (19565 bytes) George Reynolds on his Reynolds Weld Labs Wishbone.
Warren Beauchamp (that's me!) in the Barracuda Streamliner, going for it during the 1 lap TT. I lost the 1 lap TT to Dave Johnson in the Great White by 0.04 seconds. Doh! ohio2000-warrenbeauchamp.jpg (13810 bytes)
ohio2000-stockstart.jpg (24374 bytes)Stock and SuperStock racers blast away from the starting line at the beginning of the 1 hour lap race.
Kevin Berls, on his homebuilt lowracer, and George Touchette on an upright bike, both catch a draft behind Paul Pancella, racing his venerable Lightning P-38 . ohio2000-drafters.jpg (25590 bytes)
ohio2000-liners2.jpg (15902 bytes) Warren Beauchamp chases Rob Wood, racing his Norus streamliner, during the faired class 1 hour lap race.
Dave Johnson, racing Rick Wianecke's "Great White" streamliner, following Rob Wood. ohio2000-liners3.jpg (8794 bytes)

ohio2000-streamliners4.jpg (19750 bytes)
Left to Right, Doc Pearson races Garrie Hill's Mini Moby, Rob in the Norus streamliner, Warren in the 'Cuda, and Dave in the Great White, during the 1 hour lap race.

ohio2000-georgereynolds-lr.jpg (14191 bytes) George Reynolds, modeling his Wishbone 20/20 (prototype?). George raced a 26/26 monotube model, his 20/26 Wishbone with Coroplast tailbox , and this lowracer.
Rob English, and another guy from Yellowbike, showed up in this bug with the wild graphics, which literally bristled with 'bents. It had 4 Optima 'bents on the roof, and an Optima trike hanging on the back. ohio2000-yellowbike.jpg (14740 bytes)
ohio2000-columbia.jpg (29451 bytes) The Bicycle man, and Bill Cook or Barcroft cycles race the Barcroft Columbia tandem during Sunday's lap race at the go-cart track.
Race directors Garrie Hill and Rob Wood on the podium during the second perfect day of Ohio racing ohio2000-race-directors.jpg (19486 bytes)

Race Report

We had perfect weather for the races. Cool temps in the 60s, and very low winds. The first day of racing was at the Columbus Speedway. Turnout was excellent, and we had at least 30 racers. The first race of the day was the 1 lap TT. Rob English who is one of the YellowBike.com folks, put the hurt on everyone. He was racing a Optima Baron lowracer. Dave Johnson raced Rick Wianecke's "Great White" streamliner, and beat me by .04 seconds. 

The next race was the faired class 1 hour lap race. The Columbus speedway is nice. It's a 1/3 mile oval, but you can take it almost as a circle. I was able to go low in the corners and it felt fine. According to Garrie Hill's results (yet to be published) I did about a 38MPH average in the hour. I thought I'd go faster, but I won in my class and I'm certainly not complaining... Rob Wood in his Norus streamliner put almost two laps on me in the hour race, that's only 2/3MPH difference in our speeds! 

Then it was time for the non-faired class 1 hour lap race. We traded places, the non faired folks had each counted laps for one faired racer, now it was our turn to count theirs. I counted laps for Rob English, which was easy, because he was always in the lead. By a lot. I think he averaged close to 30MPH for the hour. What do they feed those Brits over there? Alex Shapiro on the Barcroft lowracer prototype came in second. 

The last race was a 1 lap drag race by class. I came in second to Dave in the Great White. Rob Wood was beaten by Doc Pearson racing the Mini-Moby. Doc was given about a 1/5 lap rolling start lead before Rob was allowed to start, to "handicap" Rob, who raced with the top off of his streamliner. Everyone thought Rob would catch him, but it didn't happen. 

We all had dinner that night at Chi-Chi's (it was a big table...).

Sunday dawned another picture perfect day. Races were at the Circleville, OH go-cart track. I went around the very twisty course once in the streamliner, and decided to take off the fairing. This track was all short sprints and cornering ability. Rob Wood decided to race Garrie Hill's M5 Shockproof with M5 tailbox. A very slick bike. I had a problem with my seat rubbing on the rear wheel in a major way in the 15 lap race. After a couple laps I slowed way down, and just figured I was tired, though it felt like I was working hard. Then people started saying they smelled burning rubber when they were passing me. Oops. Carbon fiber makes great brake pads... Apparently my seat was a little loose and it slid into the rear wheel during the long race. I spent all my energy fighting it without realizing that I "had the brakes on". Doh! By the time I figured it out, and started pulling myself up off the seat it was too late, I was spent. I didn't do so well in that race. The course was very fun non-faired though. There were a couple of crashes on the challenging course, but nobody was hurt. First place overall in each category won $100, second place got a Topeak Alien tool. I got the tool...

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