Selma Alabama HPRA HPV Race Pictures 2000
March 25th, 2000 Selma, Alabama HPRA HPV Race

Read Ed Gin's Race report

Garrie Hill looks really fast in this M5 fairing. It's a carbon fiber nosecone, with a fiberglass rod reinforced, fabric covered neoprene body. A factory produced M5 fairing... Get yours today! selma00-garriehill.jpg (16549 bytes)
selma00-electrothon.jpg (14995 bytes) This is a Windcheetah trike, mounted in an ABS plastic Electrothon fairing. Theron Hill raced this vehicle, and rode it on the road tour the next day. The Electrothon body is produced in the US as an electric vehicle body.
This is one of the bikes that Ed Deaton brought from the Fools Crow bike store. It's a Challenge Tai Fun (typhoon). It uses an all aluminum chassis and 406 wheels, and is almost a low racer. The bike behind it is a slightly taller, rear suspended chassis Challenge Hurricane. selma00-challengetaifun.jpg (20132 bytes)
selma00-challengehurricane.jpg (22731 bytes) This bike is another rear suspended dual 406mm wheel Challenge Hurricane in a cool silver color. Ed Deaton brought the Challenge bikes, and the Zox below to the races, and sold them all.
This is a Zox 20x20 low racer It's a square tube front wheel drive design, with minimalistic rear suspension. Plenty fast. selma00-zox20x20.jpg (20531 bytes)
selma00-m5_2.jpg (20036 bytes) This is Garrie Hill's M5 lowracer, that the fairing on the top of the page fits on. It has a monoblade fork and front drum brake.
This is Bob Cook's M5, extra low with a 20 inch rear wheel. He was excessively fast on it during the races. selma00-m5.jpg (18850 bytes)
selma00-stock1.jpg (21155 bytes) Here's an ant's eye view of the starting lineup for the unfaired class races. It makes those low races look really tall.
Here's the unfaired class starting lineup from a normal perspective. selma00-stock2.jpg (19286 bytes)
selma00-alanariail.jpg (13482 bytes) Unidentified takes his customized Reynolds Wishbone around a corner. While this bike is not considered a low racer, it is very fast with it's low racer position and laid back seat.
Ray and Sherrie Brick kicking toward the finish line on their back to back carbon fiber low racer selma00-bricks.jpg (13554 bytes)
selma00-bryanball.jpg (17052 bytes) Bryan Ball raced this Challenge Tai Fun, then bought the Zox 20x20.
Gary Toy on his front suspended Lightning Stealth. Gary usually rides this bike enclosed in a yellow fairing with Rick Wianecke noseone and Coroplast sides. selma00-garytoy.jpg (19281 bytes)
selma00-jeffcaswell.jpg (16151 bytes) Here's Jeff Caswell on his Microbike low racer. Jeff and the Bricks both made the long trip from Minnesota to get to this race.

Thanks to Rob Wood for these faired class racing pictures:

Here's Barclay Brown on his F-40 Lightning. In the picture you can see a rare look at the support structure for the tail of the F-40 fairing. Barclay raced without his body sock because he didn't know about the new rules allowing F-40 riders in the "SuperStreet" class.
Here's the Barracuda at rest. To get down to Selma we crammed 3 people and 3 bikes (including the Barracuda streamliner) in the van in the background. Tight fit...
Here's Bill Murphy on his Tour Easy. Bill won the Stock class drag race event.
Dave "Doc" Pearson rounds a corner during the 1 hour race on his Infinity low racer with zipper/Coroplast fairing. 
Ed Gin sets up for a corner during the hot lap race, and wins the event with the low time in stock class. Ed is racing his Festina lowracer.
Here's a shot of the beginning of the 1 hour race
This is Mick Stelteupuhl, on his Easy Racers Gold Rush Replica, with Zipper fairing and body sock.
Here's Rob Wood cruising in his streamliner during the 1 hour race. Rob is working on a new Streamliner, and hopes to have it ready to race later this year.
Theron Hill eye's the upcoming hairpin turn in his Electrothon bodied WindCheetah trike.
Here's Warren Beauchamp (Me!) negotiating one of the hairpin turns during the 1 hour race, on the Barracuda low racer with fiberglass nose and Coroplast tail section. I hope to get my new full fairing finished early this summer.

Race report by Ed Gin:

Bob Cook secured a beautiful, secluded, wooded site for the races on Saturday at an airport where a 2.28 mile course had been marked off for the 3 events. Multiple days of "course cleaning with a back mounted air sprayer" resulted in a perfectly cleaned track, safe and smooth for all to enjoy. Because this was an abandoned area, other than a stray dog or so, and a few curious spectators, we had the entire area to ourselves. Temps hovered in the lower 70's, skies partly sunny, with mild to moderate west winds, very comfortable conditions - a welcome difference compared to usual March Chicago weather. Throughout the entire event, people tested and rode many different bikes, discussed hpv ramblings, picked minds, and shared ideas. It is these things that create interest and fun for all. Many pictures and video's were shot today.

At the start of the 30 minute stock event, the field included an high number of European bikes, 2 M'5 German lowracers, 3 Dutch built bikes ( 2 Luxe's 1 Taifun), and an British built Festina lowracer. Unique American entrys were, a tricked out Reynolds Wishbone, a custom back to back composite framed back to back tandem lowracer, a S&S coupled P-38 and others. The 60 minute event fielded a fully faired windcheetah trike, a couple of streamliners, an M-5 minus factory tail section, 2 custom FWD "Infinity" modified bikes, a body socked Gold Rush, a front and rear faired P-38, a Zipper faired Tour Easy, half faired P-38 and others.

Returning from lunch, the individually timed hot lap event took place. 1/8 mile drag strip eliminations was the the final event for the day.

Ed Deaton of Fool's Crows Cyclery out of Tallahasee Florida brought up 5-6 bikes for the attendees to test and use for the races. The "scoop" is that he sold 4 of these to new excited and satisfied customers! Some of these were Challenge Hurricane bikes, a new ZOX 20/20, and others. A brief description of the Hurricane bikes demoed follows. The LUXE, aluminum framed - 30.8 lbs. rear suspension with built-in rack, Esp 9.0 derailler/shifter, 65T chainring w/chainguard, Magura rim brakes on custom brackets, custom no-rake fork, 20/20 wheels using Quarz hubs/black Alesa Aero rims, Vredestein S-Licks, aero-stem & handlebars, adjustable seat rake - $2100 TheWizard, metalic Green, aluminum framed , rear suspension with built-in rack, SRAM 3x9, Magura rim brakes on custom brackets, custom no-rake fork, 20/26 wheels - black Alesa Aero rims, Vredestein S-Licks, swing-away stem, adjustable seat rake - $2200 The TAIFUN (typhoon) lowracer, a black aero-section Alesa rimed clod with red Vredestein S-Licks, 65T chainring & chainguard, Magura rim brakes, 20/20 wheels using Quarz hubs- $1895 It does seem that hpv race sites can generate interest and SALES of bikes!

Award ceremonies and dinner were held at Shoneys Restaurant Saturday evening, thanks to Garrie Hill for tabulating results and emceeing the event. Local newspapers published information regarding the Saturday races and Sunday Tour.

SUNDAY FESTIVITIES AND TOUR Selma, has some of the most beautiful, tranquil, picturesque cycling I've ever experienced. The forested and covered swamp areas were reminiscent of the set from "The Creature from the Black Lagoon." I stopped in a peaceful valley where echoes could be created easily. A rattlesnake lazily slithered off the pavement. Pine forested areas permeated the air with their wonderful aroma. The 56 mile course is the straightest, and smoothest road course I can remember. Well marked with direction signs and periodic "Caution, bicyclist on course" signs were conspicuously and strategically placed. At the half way point, a well stocked canopy covered rest area greeted the hungry cyclists with Gatorade, water, cookies, bananas and fruits. This was a NO COST tour and open to uprights as well as bents with about a 50/50 mix. It was an exciting sight to witness the front leaders led by approximately 6 lowracers, the fully faired Windcheetah, and a couple of lightnenings buzzin down the road at 24-28 mph for miles on end.......with several groups of lycra clad roadies in hot pursuit. No, they didn't catch the fast moving bents......for those wondering????? At the rest stop, I enjoyed the pleasure of speaking to the local District Attorney whom in conjunction with Bob Cook, persuaded the local police and Alabama State Troopers to patrol and monitor the course to keep it safe for the riders. Sag support was provided in conjunction with communication via law enforcement vehicles. Upon returning to the start abit before noon, I expressed our thanks to Bob Cook, Garrie Hill, a State Trooper whom helped sag in a couple of riders, and others whom made this a memorable and thorougly enjoyable weekend. If there is ever a example of Southern Hospitality, these two days sure fit the bill. Recommend attending this function next year!!!

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