Sparta Wisconsin HPRA HPV race pictures

Wisconsin Classic 2000
August 19th & 20th Sparta & Tomah, Wisconsin HPRA HPV race pictures

These pictures are from Sunday's races at the Excalibur Motorsports Speedway near Tomah. It's a 3/8 mile oval, which sees a variety of motor racing, and occasionally some weird bikes. A banner under the "Excalibur" sign reads "Welcome Dick Trickle".  sparta2000-winnercircle.jpg (12542 bytes)
sparta2000-brucegordon.jpg (11565 bytes) Bruce Gordon races on his Sunset lowracer with extra long tailbox. A sign on the side of the fairing reads "PopCycle". Like the frozen treat, right? Very Punny.
Ray and Sherrie Brick race Paul Pancella in the one lap pusuit races, which were run like one lap drag races on this track. sparta2000-bricks&paulpancella.jpg (10668 bytes)
sparta2000-BobBuerger.jpg (16352 bytes) Bob Buerger on his homebuilt racer takes the checkered flag during the lap race. Len Brunkalla waves the flag with gusto. Len may actually be racing next year...
John Howard, having finished pedaling 104 miles in 24 hours the previous day, came to check out the HPV racing. John Howard has been making records for a long time. He's the olympic bike racer that road a bike 150MPH (behind a wind breaker car) on the Bonneville salt flats during the 1970s. sparta2000-johnhoward.jpg (14214 bytes)
sparta2000-aaron&tomporter.jpg (9673 bytes) Aaron Stiles and Tom Porter take their turn at the pursuit, and sprint away from the start line. They are both riding home brewed low racers.
Bill Murphy takes the checked flag during the lap race. Bill is riding his Tour Easy. sparta2000-billmurphy2.jpg (12209 bytes)
sparta2000-robwood.jpg (9864 bytes) Rob Wood in the Norus streamliner, getting ready for the pursuit race. He ran the pursuits sans canopy.
Sean Costin on the Monkey Hand races John Olson on his Rotator with monokote tail fairing. Both these guys are excellent sprinters, but Sean won out at the end of the pursuit. sparta2000-seancostin&johnolson.jpg (9935 bytes)
sparta2000-timdunsworth&213.jpg (12792 bytes) Tim Dunsworth races #213 in the pursuits. Two days before, Tim raced this same bike with a bolt on sidecar on the Sparta ice rink for the ice bike races.
Tyger Johnson in his Lightning F40 beats Warren Beauchamp in the Barracuda streamliner during the one lap pursuit race. sparta2000-tyger&warren.jpg (9563 bytes)

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